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Autumn 2016

We welcomed new members to our boarding family this term, from China, Hong Kong, Germany and Spain. They have all settled in very quickly and have enjoyed boarding so much. It has also been a pleasure that so many day pupils in different age groups have joined us for a taste of boarding life.

This term, we had a nerf gun war between the staff and boarders, which was great entertainment for everyone. We have enjoyed several trips at the weekends, including London Zoo and Harry Potter World, a particular favourite as we have a number of huge Harry Potter fans amongst us!

Gravity Force was popular with everyone; even the Sixth Formers enjoyed themselves as it was a good chance for them to relax away from their studies.

We have celebrated several birthdays, including Head of Boarding Mrs Price’s and Mr Meredith’s – he was presented with a beautiful balloon crown!

Seven of the boarders went to the cinema to see ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ with Miss Simpson, with much excitement, popcorn and ice blasts.

Many of the boarders have been learning to play Ultimate Frisbee, as well as playing a lot of dodgeball during the boarders’ fitness sessions.

Firework night was a great success – all of the boarders went and had an amazing time. We all enjoyed buying things from some of the other boarders at their House stalls. Everyone thought that Mr Holland’s Pudding Lane bonfire was epic, and loved watching it burn like it did in the Great Fire of London.

We also went to St Paul’s Cathedral where 12 boarders made it all the way to the top of the Dome! We then went to Harrods for some Christmas shopping.

Rachel L, Year 13 Boarder

Summer 2016

I would like to thank Mrs Price for offering me the opportunity to take on this senior boarding role. I am enjoying being a senior boarder – it gives me the chance to be a leader and assist members of the boarding staff to ensure the smooth running of the boarding house, which is a valuable experience.

I joined Luckley nine months ago and remember in the first month suffering from serious home sickness – I missed my family in Hong Kong! But the friendly boarding staff and support of other boarders made me overcome this quickly. I now really enjoy boarding life and think of Luckley as my second home. As an overseas student, I have made lots of friends in both the boarding house and the day school. We have enjoyed an action-packed year with many trips, including Thorpe Park, the Fashion Museum in Bath, the Chocolate Show at Kensington Olympia and outdoor ice-skating at Broadgate, London. In preparation for Chinese New Year, the 6th Form students from Hong Kong led a tour of Chinatown in London. We have all enjoyed the trips and are looking forward to visiting different places next year. We have also enjoyed plenty of indoor activities during weekends, such as water fights, bingo, quiz nights and lots of baking – the highlight being a lesson with The Urban Chefs.

We have two Sixth Form boys in full boarding this year, who have made our boarding life full of laughter. A couple of Year 7 boys have also flexi-boarded and have been great additions to the boarding community. We were privileged to have a visit from members of the University of Brighton Ultimate Frisbee team who taught us how to play and run a competition. It was all such fun, but very tiring!

I would like say a big thank you and goodbye to our Graduate Assistants, Mr Porter and Miss Briggs, who will be leaving us this term. Your kindness and enthusiasm made boarding more like a home and we wish you all the best in the future. I would also like to say goodbye and good luck to our friends from Year 13, who are moving on to the next stage of their education.
I look forward to taking the responsibilities as the Senior Boarder and serving the boarding community over the next year.

Tammy - Senior Boarder

Tammy, Senior Boarder

April 2016

The first weekend of the summer term, the boarders were very excited about their trip to Thorpe Park. The day was filled with lots of laughter, screaming, and the fright and thrill of going on all the big roller coasters.

All the boarders enjoyed spending time together and sharing new experiences. For some of them this was their first time going to Thorpe park!

While Mr Porter’s group decided to go on a water ride, the girls enjoyed it but Mr Porter soon regretted that decision after spending most of the day wet! Miss Cumming’s and Miss Briggs’ group decided to stay dry and not venture onto the water rides. The day was a great success!

Thorpe Park Boarders' trip

Spring 2016

March 2016

We went ice skating at the Broadgate Outdoor Rink and those who didn’t skate saw some of the outdoor art installations, including a talking rabbit! The skaters had great fun and with only two slips it was a successful visit. We then visited China Town to look at the decorations and, by popular request, popped into M&M World.

We learnt valuable skills for life in a superb Master Class in “Vocalisation” delivered by Mr David Shopland, Artistic Director of the 2020 Vision Theatre Company. Year 8 boarder, Phoebe said: “Mr Shopland told us how important it is to make eye contact when talking to people, particularly in an interview situation. I found the session so interesting and really useful.”

Towards the end of term, we were visited by students from Brighton University, who taught us how to play Ultimate Frisbee, which was great fun! We are all really looking forward to Easter for a much needed rest!

February 2016

It has been a busy term for the boarders. We celebrated three birthdays with one big  party which included balloon modelling and a massive chocolate cake. We have introduced fruit two nights a week in the evenings after prep – this is proving very popular amongst the boarders. We went ice skating at the Broadgate Outdoor Rink and those who didn’t skate saw some of the outdoor art installations including a talking rabbit! The skaters had great fun and with only two slips it was a successful visit. We then visited China Town to look at the decorations and ended by popping into M&M world.

Autumn 2015

December 2015

The festive season has provided lots of opportunities for fun activities, including decorating the school’s Christmas tree, making cards and decorations and a much-enjoyed trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Mrs Price also introduced ‘Little Angels’, an alternative to Secret Santa, whereby every boarder is an angel for another. The ethos is about love and service. It can be a smile, a note or a cup of tea and a chat. It doesn’t have to cost money, just time and thinking about another person.

November 2015

In support of this term’s boarding theme of ‘Fashion through the Ages’, we were delighted to welcome Hannah Lord from the London College of Fashion to deliver a really inspiring creative workshop to all our boarders. Hannah offered informative insights into the world of fashion, including careers in the creative arts as well as tips on how to create the perfect Luckley boarding logo.

Hannah Lord announced that she had such fun working with such a bright and talented group. Jane Tudor responded, “ I am very proud and believe that creativity is what good education is all about for every young person”

October 2015

Before half term the boarders visited The Chocolate Show in Olympia where we watched chefs cooking in chocolate and sampled chocolate from around the world. The visit ended with a catwalk show of clothes and headwear, all decorated in chocolate!

September 2015

Within the last couple of weeks the boarding community have settled into a pleasant routine of work and play. The boarders are taking full opportunity from all the after school activities offered, followed by supper and then prep and everyone feels satisfied they have had a balance of enjoyment and academia by the end of the day. The younger boarders are finishing the day with cocoa and reading ‘Over Sea and Under Stone’ by Susan Cooper together. On Friday night we had a mass game of dodgeball, Mr Porter held his own against all the boarders! We had a group of 18 boarders visit Bath on Saturday, where we spent a wonderful time both in visiting The Costume Museum and not only looking but trying on clothes, but also a discovery of a new shopping city! The visit went well and I am sure we are all looking forward to where the next one will take us.

Lara Price, Head of Boarding

Spring 2015

It’s been another busy term for the Luckley boarders! Yet again we have enjoyed some excellent activities, rangingfrom Sardines, Pee and Eating Games (a great way to unwind on a Friday night!) to Bowling and Laser Quest on the weekend.
We are all thankful to Miss Bertie for ensuring we have a good work/life balance by keeping us entertained and stimulated on Friday evenings.
To end what has been a fantastic Autumn term we are all gearing up for the annual Easter Egg Hunt; it also serves as a great reminder that the holidays are soon upon us.
On a sad note, it’s my last term as Senior Boarder. I would like to thank Mrs Gamble for giving me the fantastic opportunity to serve the boarding community. I have felt a strong sense of camaraderie with the girls and I have developed a house spirit in the process. It is this special community spirit and the knowledge of the girls I’ve gained through shared experiences, I will treasure for many years.

I would also like to say goodbye to Miss Rose who has been a key member of boarding for many years and is leaving us at the end of this term. We will miss you greatly and wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours.
Toluwaleke (aka Leke), Senior Boarder

Autumn 2014

What a busy term it’s been in Main House with a wealth of house based activities and outings to get our minds off missing home. To welcome our new housemates, we started off the term with an orientation trip round Wokingham, where they could familiarise themselves with things to do in the local town of Wokingham and get to know one another better.

Many activities have been provided for the pupils over the weekends including; shopping trips to Reading, Ten Pin Bowling , Laser Quest at the Wokingham Super Bowl and many trips to the cinema.

Friday nights are also one to look forward too with our regular film nights accompanied by lots of food, rest, relaxation and catch up sessions. The Christmas season is now in full swing with the last few weekends spent decorating the boarding house. We are also looking forward to the upcoming Christmas Party, which is always an enjoyable time.
Toluwaleke (aka Leke), Senior Boarder

Summer 2014

My first year at Luckley has gone by like the wind, but it has been an amazing experience so far, making me a stronger and more independent person. I remember being dropped off on my first day, realising I was going to have to adjust to this new life 6 hours away from my family who are all the way in Nigeria. As it was my first time being both away from home and boarding it was a huge shock to my system but the friendly ambience and the support of all the boarding staff, helped me to settle in very quickly.

Main House has become a second home for me now. I have learned to interact with people from diverse multicultural and multinational backgrounds, thus exposing me to different lifestyles and making me more adaptable to various situations. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone whilst taking part in boarding activities such as Katakanuing and Ice Skating. I have also made friends for life.
Toluwaleke (aka Leke), Senior Boarder

Spring 2014

This has once again been a jam packed term with lots of activities for the boarders. We welcomed Miss Rose’s dog, Charlie, to our growing gang – he has already become a huge star amongst boarders!

The first weekend saw all the girls take a trip to Tesco to find ingredients for an afternoon tea and cakes competition. The winning team made pizza, chocolate covered fruit and fairy cakes, which were all delicious. The girls have spent many fun evenings watching DVDs, playing on the Xbox that Miss King has kindly lent us, and enjoying energetic dance competitions! A termly favourite has been Mrs Mallet’s Korean banquet. The girls spent a Sunday afternoon preparing and cooking a variety of Korean food before feasting on it at dinner. Most of the girls have also taken advantage of the sports facilities and have spent many evenings dancing up a storm in the fitness suite, or climbing the new climbing wall, under the supervision of Miss King, who is a qualified instructor.

Trips out have included laser quest, bowling and ice skating, (although in the latter, many of the girls spent most of the time on the floor!). We also visited Rushall Farm on a beautiful sunny Saturday, where we were able to watch a lamb being born, feed the donkeys and goats and stroke Camilla the pig.

As I write this article, we are all very much looking forward to Mrs Gamble’s Easter Extravaganza, which I have been told will be a lot of fun! I would like to thank Mrs Hills for her kind gift for the boarders, of a Wii. All the girls are looking forward to getting it set up and playing on it.
Naomi, Senior Boarder

Autumn Term 2013

We welcomed many new boarders to the boarding house this term, from a variety of places, including the UK, Germany, Spain, Uganda and Russia. With new boarding staff
and graduate assistants, and the sixth form boarders moving back to Main House from Cornish House, it has certainly been a time of change!

The boarders spent the first weekend in Reading, familiarising themselves with the area, doing lots of shopping and getting to know one another. The following weekend
saw a day at bowling and laser quest; the red team winning laser quest and Pauline and Alex winning the dance machine competition – well done girls!

We also enjoyed a scavenger hunt round Wokingham, where we had to go find various items, and a trip to the cinema, but our favourite trip of the term was cata-canoing. All the girls had fun racing and competing against each other!

There have also been a variety of Sunday activities in-house, including baking with Miss Duncan, making brooches and cakes with Mrs Matthews, reading papers and playing cards with Mr Miller-Stinchcombe and making hama beads with Mrs Dawson.

An activity particularly enjoyed by both senior and junior boarders was Mrs Mallet’s Korean cooking. We cooked various Korean food and then all enjoyed a buffet dinner afterwards. All the girls enjoyed a visit to the Christmas Market in Winchester on the last weekend of term.

Friday nights have also been enjoyed by all with regular film night, complete with plenty of popcorn!
Naomi, Senior Boarder