Extended Day & Flexible Arrangements

We offer flexible arrangements with regards to our school day to suit modern family life. Pupils can arrive from 7.40am for breakfast (pre-booked – £2.60 per day), or from 8am without breakfast.

Lessons finish at 4pm, when day pupils are free to go home. However, we offer an extended day programme starting with tea at 4pm and followed by a wide range of after-school activities (including supervised prep), finishing at 5.30pm. Pupils may book to stay for supper until 6.30pm (pre-booked £4.70 per day).

Extended Day Programme

Our rich and varied programme of extended-day activities will enable your child to explore different interests and discover new talents. The programme is updated each term, with new activities added. All pupils are encouraged to take part and the variety on offer ensures that there is something for everyone. If you would prefer for your child not to take part in any of the after-school activities please notify the school office.

For some activities a charge is applicable, such as individual music tuition, CCF and horse riding .  Please contact the Registrar for booking details. In addition, due to the continued popularity and increased range of cooking and craft activities on offer, a small charge of £2 or £3 may be made to ensure that we are always able to provide worthy items and activities.

Boarders will participate in their chosen activity each day that they are boarding. Day pupils may stay for tea and participate on any number of nights during the term for the activities listed in the programme. The scheme is designed to be flexible to enable students to stay when they wish without regular commitment, although the nature of some activities will require regular attendance.

In order that the school knows how many pupils are on the premises each evening and can check on their whereabouts, all pupils must register at tea for their chosen activity. Tea will be provided at 16.00. Pupils should be at their chosen activity by 16.20. Day pupils should leave at 17.30 (unless prior arrangement has been made).

Supervised prep is available daily in the Library. This enables the pupils to complete their homework in a structured, but relaxed environment, one or two days per week, while enjoying alternative extra-curricular activities on other days.