Years 10 – 11 (GCSE)

In Year 9, pupils receive guidance in their choice of GCSE options. All pupils follow a common core of English, English Literature, Mathematics, Science & Additional Science or Triple Award Science, and a Modern Foreign Language.

Your child will choose three further options from Art, Business, Computer Science, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Drama, French, German, Spanish, Geography, History, Music, Photography,  Physical Education and Religious Studies

The curriculum is planned to ensure maximum flexibility of choice. In addition, all pupils continue with 4U and PE. Latin may also be continued through the extended day programme to GCSE.

GCSEs are in a period of transition, with English (Literature and Language) and Mathematics having changed from September 2015. Other subjects will be reformed over the next two to three years. Alongside the reformation of the contents and schemes of assessments of the GCSEs, the grades will be changing from the A* – G scale to a scale of 1 – 9 in which 9 is the highest grade. As this is a phased change, the examination boards will be awarding a mixture of numerical and letter grades. Please be assured that employers and further educational institutions will be made aware of the changes so that no candidates are disadvantaged.

Download our GCSE Booklet to find out about individual subjects.

GCSE Results