On 25 February,  Year 7 were joined by eight pupils from local prep schools for an enrichment day. The theme was ‘Murder in Chalkwell Village’ and the day involved challenging, but fun activities in Music, English, Maths and Science, which led the pupils to discover the identity of the Chalkwell Murderer. The day started with ice breakers and a music session, where the girls created and performed ‘suspense music’ using a range of instruments. Next, they examined the crime scene in the library, where the body of ‘Hugo First’ had been discovered. They worked together in small groups, as Police Investigators, studying the profiles of the six main suspects, and later, had the chance to interview each one, played by Year 10 pupils.

The pupils then solved clues with mathematical skills, such as logic problems and code analysis, before spending a session as Forensic Scientists in the Science Laboratories, carrying out experiments on soil and other materials found at the ‘crime scene’. The day ended with the guilty suspect, ‘Anita Bath’ ‘coming clean’ and explaining why she had committed the murder!

Photos from the day are available on our Facebook Page