Visiting Legoland on possibly the wettest day of the year so far had one benefit, Luckley had the park almost to ourselves, so had no problems with queueing!

The pupils attended two excellent workshops, which put the computational thinking module skills covered in their ICT lessons into clear context. In the first workshop, ‘EVA3 Space Challenge’, the girls had to program their robot to move forwards and turn to hit the satellite target and then collect meteors littering the planet. The second challenge was using the WeDo software, where the girls followed a program to  build an interactive model. In this case a lion that stood up, roared, sat down and snored!

As well as the two workshops and testing the wonderful heaters installed around the park, pupils looked at the importance of sensors for operating and maintaining the safety of rides and also the use of microprocessors for controlling many of the features in mini land.

The girls also featured in the ‘Pirates of Skeleton Bay’ show, with Maisie and Jemima joining the cast at  start of the show. They were then treated to amazing acrobatics, as well as some good old fashioned slap stick comedy.

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