Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Bizior

BSc, BED (Hons), PGCE

Mr I Vallance

Deputy Head (Academic)
BEd Bristol, MA (Education) London SB University

Mr N Patterson


Mrs C Gilding-Brant

Deputy Head (Pastoral) and Head of Sixth Form
BA Brighton, MA (Education) Reading

Mrs D Ennis

Head of Marketing, Admissions & Development




Mr R Battrick | Head of Art

Mrs A Venables | Art Teacher

Mrs S Gibbs | Art Teacher

Miss S Hitchcock | Photography Assistant


Dr R Freeman | Teacher of Classics

Communication Science

Mr D Beasley | Head of Computer Science

Drama & Theatre Studies

Mrs E Brown | Director of Drama and Theatre Studies

Miss R Vallance | Teacher of Drama

Economics & Business Studies

Ms L Stephens | Head of Business and Economics


Miss D Bahbra | Head of English

Mrs K Clutterbuck | English Teacher

Mrs A Chick | English Teacher

Mrs T Wright | English Teacher

Miss A Paul | English Teacher

Design & Technology

Mrs C McCafferty | Head of Design Technology

Mr S McNaughton | Design Technology Teacher

Food & Nutrition

Mrs S Gibson | Head of Food & Nutrition


Mrs J Bondsfield | Head of Geography

Mrs K Knight | Head of Geography (currently on maternity leave)

Mr G Cromb | Geography Teacher

Mrs S Tailby | Geography Teacher  (currently on maternity leave)

Miss L Kerr | Geography Teacher


Mr S Phillips | Head of History

Mrs V Stratton | History Teacher


Mrs R Rose | Head of Mathematics

Mrs N Dawson | Mathematics Teacher

Mr I Vallance | Mathematics Teacher

Miss L Walls | Mathematics Teacher

Mr S McGonnell | Mathematics Teacher

Modern Languages

Mrs L Simmonds | Head of MFL

Mrs H Molloy | Head of MFL (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs H Hinz | MFL Teacher (currently on maternity leave)

Miss K Intxaurbe | MFL Teacher

Mrs K Robinson | MFL Teacher

Mrs E Walter | French Conversation

Mrs C Paisley | German Conversation

Mrs S Huddleston | Spanish Conversation

Miss K Baldwin | Visiting Teacher for Chinese

Mrs S Rose | Russian Tutor


Mrs J Ellwood | Director of Music

Mr A McKenna | Music Teacher

Miss C Woodhouse | Music Teacher


Mrs H Strivens | Head of Psychology

Mrs C Gilding-Brant | Psychology Teacher

Religious Studies

Mrs O Lee | Head of Religious Studies

Mrs K Jest | Religious Studies Teacher

Mrs K Matsuya | Religious Studies Teacher (currently on maternity leave)

Physical Education

Mrs K Hobson | Director of Sport (currently on maternity leave)

Mr M Humphrey | Acting Director of Sport

Mrs C Gilding-Brant | PE Teacher

Miss J Cumming | PE Teacher

Miss C Phillips | PE Teacher


Mr P Lupton | Head of Science

Dr R Jones | Head of Biology

Dr W Ross | Head of Chemistry

Mrs F Blackmore | Head of Physics

Mrs S Moscrop | Chemistry Teacher

Outdoor Education

Mr P Hills | Outdoor Education Co-ordinator

Mr S McNaughton | Outdoor Education Co-ordinator

Teaching Support / SEN

Mrs K Elwood | Assistant SENCO

Mrs I Popa | EAL Tutor

Mrs D Lenk | Learning Support Assistant

Miss D Simmonds | Learning Support Assistant

Boarding Staff

Mr D and Mrs K Elwood | Heads of Boarding

Miss L Kerr | Assistant Housemistress

Mr I Vallance | Housemaster

Miss G Cowdery | Graduate Boarding and Teaching Assistant

Mr N Standing | Graduate Boarding and Teaching Assistant


Mrs H Lan | School Nurse

Mrs L Doel | School Nurse


Mrs R Maskelyne | Senior Librarian

Mrs D Godfrey | Assistant Librarian

Support Staff

Mr N Patterson | Bursar

Mrs R Stevens | Finance Bursar

Mrs D Ennis | Head of Marketing, Admissions & Development

Mrs N Hall | Head’s PA & HR Manager

Mrs L Cox | Examinations Officer

Mr O Bamber | Theatre Manager

Mr D Wilkinson | ICT Technician

Mrs S Norman | Administration Assistant

Mrs C Crombie | Registrar

Mrs J Fowler | Finance Assistant

Mrs A Radford | School Secretary

Mrs S Hawkins | Alumni Co-ordinator and School Secretary

Mr G Wilkins | Exams Invigilator

Mrs C Sowton | Exams Invigilator

Mrs E Coogan-Beck | Chef Manager

Mrs A Williams | Chef de Partie

Mr S Taylor | Chef de Partie

Mr S Kulan | Maintenance Manager

Mr G Steele | Maintenance Assistant

Mr D Brown | Groundsman


Mrs N Partner |  Textile Technician

Mrs N Allaway | Science Technician

Mrs K Crawshaw | Science Technician

Mrs P Sharpe | Food Preparation and Nutrition Technician