Today it was the turn of the Business Department to launch its ACE Pupil Programme.

Head of Business, Linda Stephens organised a challenging, but fun competition during lunchtime break,  whereby groups of students set up mini companies. The groups were tasked to buy resources  from Sixth Form Business students Annabel and Maggie, in order to make paper aeroplanes to very strictly defined criteria. The planes had to be able to fly at least 4m and include a multi-coloured logo.  Mrs Stephens then ‘bought’ those planes that met the given criteria and awarded bonuses for extra metres flown and creative logos. The winning ‘company’ was the one which made the most profit in the time available.

The Able, Creative and Engaged Programme at Luckley House is being developed as a dynamic alternative to Gifted and Talented Programmes seen in many other schools. The vision for this is to enable all our pupils to explore the subjects they enjoy beyond the confines of the curriculum.

Find out about opportunities for exploring Business beyond the curriculum on the ACE page