Luckley Sixth Formers kicked off their RAG week with an Ice Bucket Challenge today. The willing ‘victims’ were Head, Jane Tudor, Deputy Head, Karen McGonnell, Head Girl, Claudia and Deputy Head Girl, Annabel.

Pupils and staff looked on as the buckets of ice were tipped over their heads by apologetic Sixth Formers. Thankfully the sun was shining, so the experience was as pleasant as it could be!

Well done to all involved for being such good sports, all in the name of charity!

Other events planned for RAG week include: “Hire a Sixth Former for the Day” tomorrow, following a silent auction held last week; a Penny Whirl bowl on the gravel drive on Wednesday, a Fun Fitness session on Thursday and a Staff V Sixth Form Tug of War on Friday. All take place at 1.30pm.