We are delighted with our performance appraisal given by the Venue Director of the Shakespeare Schools Festival:

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Luckley House School on their wonderful production of The Comedy of Errors at South Hill Park Arts Centre.
This was an accomplished and original production, and I’d like to highlight a few key elements which really stood out for me.

  • From the opening scene you brought us into the world of your play, transporting us to the warm and sunny land of Ephesus with the ensemble creating wonderful soundscapes amidst a tropical soundtrack.
  •  Your vocal projection was excellent throughout.
  •  You clearly understood the comedic elements of this play and cleverly repeated the scene where each Antipholus beat Dromio in front of a horrified crowd, with amusing choral gasps at each blow!
  •  Great ensemble reactions brought laughs from the audience, particularly when the crowd saw the recently arrested Antipholus and Dromio roming the streets!

I’d also like to commend the cast on clear understanding and excellent delivery of the text which hugely impressed me. The text was spoken with ease and flair allowing for well drawn relationships to be drawn between characters.

This production was confident, engaging and atmospheric. Huge congratulations to all the cast and crew who made it happen. I hope to see Luckley House School in the Festival again next year.

Kate Hughes
Shakespeare Schools Festival Venue Director