On Monday 26 June, Year 12 Mathematicians went on a trip to Royal Holloway University to explore Maths further. We attended a number of lectures to help give the students a flavour of university study.

We all attended the following three lectures:
• The Music in a 2000 year old proof
• Juggling: Theory and Practice
• Mathematics at University

Then a choice of two of the following:
• Mathematics and the Laws of Nature: A Variation on the Theme of Wigner
• Big Numbers and Securing the Internet
• Prime Numbers, Perfect Numbers and Amicable Numbers
• Beyond the Third Dimension
• Exploring Mathematics with MATLAB
• Infinity and Computability
• Fun Maths Roadshow and Problem Solving
• The MU Puzzle
• Probabilistic Models: Examples
• The Liar Game

I can personally say that my favourite was the lecture on Juggling followed closely by “The Liar Game” and “Beyond the Third Dimension”.
Robyn Duncan, Head of Mathematics