Thursday 8 October is National Poetry Day, with this year’s theme being ‘Light’.

Luckley marked this national event with a number of exciting ‘light’ themed activities across all year groups.  The Sixth Form gathered together some of the best lines and phrases from across the school to create a ‘Luckley Light Poem’. Pupils have been writing poems on the theme of light during lessons and using them to build a giant candle, and a ‘poetry fridge’ is being created with words themed around Luckley House.

Head, Jane Tudor explains, “The school has used this day as a springboard to launch a new initiative called The ACE Pupil Programme. ACE stands for Able, Creative and Engaged. This programme is being developed as a dynamic alternative to Gifted and Talented Programmes seen in many other schools. The vision for this is to enable all pupils to explore the subjects they enjoy beyond the confines of the curriculum”.

Many pupils will be directed to particular parts of the programme because they are showing interest and potential in specific areas of the curriculum. However, there will be something that will spark the interest and offer opportunities for every pupil in the school.

As the programme develops new content will appear for other subjects in the curriculum along with awards and prizes to encourage participation and recognise achievement.

The first ACE activity for the English Department will be an Inter-House Public Speaking competition on 15 October. Pupils will be in teams of ten and each pupil will be assigned a parliamentary-themed role. Teams will be given their debate topic first thing in the morning. They will then be given only two hours in which to work together to gather information, research and prepare their speeches.

More information about the ACE programme be viewed at: