Some of our ‘Luckley Pioneers’ enjoyed an activities session this week.

Michael, Omar and Robert joined Year 7 girls Aroa and Abby for some fun on the Adventure Trail, followed by a climb on the indoor climbing wall. The boys told us their reasons for choosing Luckley and how they feel about starting in September:

Omar said:

“I chose Luckley House School because it is very good academically, the atmosphere is friendly and the teachers are kind. I really like the facilities such as the Music Centre, Library, ICT room and Food Technology Suite. I chose Luckley because when I wrote my storyboard I talked about Minecraft and on the interview day I explained all about it to the head teacher …. she suggested that we set up a Minecraft or an App club.”

Michael said:

“Music was the big thing for me, especially the recording studio and drums and the Music teacher was great!  I am really looking  forward to coming to Luckley as most of my friends are coming too! ICT is awesome! I loved the Latin teacher when I met her, she was so nice! am going to be a pioneer!”

Robert said:

“Lots of my friends are coming, so I wanted to come too. Luckley is a small school, which is what I like. I am really looking forward to coming to the induction day in June and meeting all of my year group.  I am really excited to be one of the first boys at Luckley”.

So far we have five Year 7 boys and four Year 12 boys for this year, with lots of enquiries still coming in every week!