We are excited and proud to announce that our very own Head of English, Mrs Clare Rees, has been one of five authors shortlisted for The Times Chicken House Prize. A huge congratulations to Clare!

Jelly, a novel aimed at Years 9 and 10, is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which environmental tragedy has led to sea levels rising. It is inspired by a ninth-century Viking saga and features a giant jellyfish (kraken) as the main villain.

Originally intended as a teaching tool for creative writing lessons, Jelly was started last year during Mrs Rees’ Year 7 lessons. Short extracts were also used during Year 9 and 10 lessons over the course of the academic year as a way of modelling editing, planning and the writing process. It is, essentially, a creative writing lesson that got out-of-hand!

The judges are set to deliberate and announce the winner of a publishing contract at the end of June.

Find out more on the Chicken House website.