There was excitement in school this week as our new Microsoft Surface 3 tablets arrived!

IT Manager, Ben Clarke has been issuing the tablets to staff, and delivering initial set-up training sessions to get everyone up and running before the whole staff travel to the Microsoft Head Office in London for more indepth training on 18 April (INSET day).

This is the first phase of our new IT strategy for the school; we are introducing a one-to-one scheme in which every pupil and teacher in the school will be issued with a Microsoft Surface 3, which will be theirs until they leave the school. Pupils will be given their tablets at the start of the autumn term 2016 and will use them both in lessons and at home for homework and revision.

This device combines the best features of a Windows based computer, with tablet technology. Office 365 will facilitate access to files and open up opportunities for collaboration.

Find out more about the initiative here