Returning to School in September 2020


I do not think anyone could ever have predicted the way in which the COVID pandemic has changed our way of life. Luckley House responded to the demands of online teaching and learning superbly, to provide continuity of both education and care.  The pupils in turn, adapted with aplomb and I am extremely proud of them for their tenacity, flexibility and determination.

I am delighted that we can now look forward to welcoming back all the pupils and teachers to Luckley House in September. Whilst of course, guided by government guidance, the health and welfare of our community remains at the heart of our plans. I hope that this document will outline provision for the new academic year and give you reassurance that we will open with enthusiasm and purpose whilst providing a safe and secure environment for all.

Planning for reopening has been complex and ever-changing and my thanks go to the staff, academic and support, who have worked tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for our pupils. Whilst there will no doubt be challenges ahead, I know that our dedicated staff, pupils and wider community will respond with both positively and resolve. Luckley is committed to delivering the best possible environment for our pupils despite any hurdles that we may face in these ever-changing times.

I trust that this information will go some way to answering your questions about our return to school in September, but we will continue to communicate with you regarding any changes or updates to our plans.

With best wishes

Areti Bizior



What are the plans for the safe re-opening of Luckley House School in Autumn 2020?

Luckley is looking forward to welcoming all pupils back in September 2020, subject to any changes to government guidance.  The safety and well-being of our community is foremost in our decision making, but we aim to provide a full timetable including after-school activities and school transport.

We are guided and bound by the UK government guidance including the DfE Guidance for Full Opening: Schools

“It is our plan that all pupils, in all year groups, will return to school full-time from the beginning of the autumn term.”

 (Source: Guidance for Full Opening: Schools, GOV.UK, 27 July 2020)

We are also following advice from several professional bodies:

  • Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA)
  • Independent Schools Council (ISC)
  • Public Health England (PHE)
  • Medical Officer of Schools Association (MOSA)

We have signed up to the BSA COVID-SAFE Charter.



When do pupils come back to School?

Beginning of term arrangements remain as previously published

  • Year 7 –  Monday 7 September, 2pm
  • All other pupils –  Tuesday 8 September
  • All Boarders –  Monday 7 September from 3pm. Please liaise with The Heads of Boarding to arrange an arrival time.

How will social distancing be maintained?

Pupils will be placed in section ‘bubbles’ as follows:

  • Year 7 will have their lessons in rooms R1 and R2
  • Year 8 will have their lessons in rooms M1, M2 and Garden House
  • Year 9 will have their lessons in H1, H2 and S5
  • Year 10 will have their lessons in Jubilee
  • Year 11 will have their lessons in L2, L3 and L4
  • Years 12 and 13 will have their lessons in the 6th form block

Pupils will stay in their form base for their lessons and their teachers will come to them. In specialist lessons for example, Drama, DT, Science, Music etc equipment will be disinfected before a different bubble enters the room and activities will be organised in these departments in such a way as to be fully compliant with Government guidelines.

Each ‘bubble’ has a path to follow when moving to their form rooms upon arrival, these paths will be clearly marked when pupils arrive at school and staff will be on hand to offer additional help.

As guidance continues change, we will update these processes and as a result, they remain dynamic.

What health checks need to be made prior to arrival?

All parents will be asked to confirm that neither their children nor any member of their household have either had any Covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has shown Covid-19 symptoms for the fourteen days prior to arrival back at School. The same request will be made of all our staff. A form will be sent to all families in the week commencing 1 September asking for relevant medical or travel information.

Parents/guardians must inform the school if anyone in their household is diagnosed with COVID-19 as soon as this is known. All our medical procedures will be informed by public health updates.

We ask that parents assess their child’s health each morning before leaving for school. If they display any of the symptoms as listed below, please do not send them into school. Any pupil arriving at school and developing a temperature of 37.7C or above or displaying any symptoms will be sent home.

The most common symptoms of Covid-19 are:

  • A new, continuous cough
  • Fever/high temperature (37.7C or greater)
  • Loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia)

Please click here for NHS guidance.

By coming to School, Staff and Pupils confirm that they are well and symptom free at the time of departure.

What special hygiene measures will be put in place?

The School has been fully cleaned and sanitised prior to opening with additional cleaning of any specialist spaces and equipment in place. There will be additional cleaning rotas in place daily to maintain standards. Pupils and staff will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival in any building, when taking meals or snacks or after using bathroom facilities.

Pupils are asked to bring a pocket-sized hand sanitiser and pocket-sized disinfectant wipes to School with them so that they can always keep these with them. Sanitiser and wipes will be available at School too. Regular hand washing, and personal hygiene will be of the utmost importance and all members of the community will be reminded of the guidance in place.

How will transport work?


School transport will run as usual. We have introduced an online booking system for transport and those who use subscribe to this service will receive further details shortly. Hands must be sanitised on entering and leaving the coach and pupils should wear face coverings on these journeys. Pupils must provide a sealed container within which to store their face covering or they may dispose of single use masks when leaving the bus. Queuing for and boarding of coaches whilst at school will be managed by the driver. Timings will remain the same, but booking will be required. We will remain as flexible as possible whilst keeping to safety guidance.

Parents dropping off and collecting their children are asked to use drop off areas in the usual way. Parents are requested not to leave their cars.

How will meals be managed?

Breakfast and Supper – we look forward to welcoming pupils for breakfast and supper but asked that this is booked ahead of time. Pupils will be seated at a social distance in the ‘bubbles’. Booking forms are available on Parent Hub

Lunch – mealtimes will be staggered so that pupils eat in their ‘bubbles’ with cleaning in between each sitting.

Food will be served to pupils to avoid any potential contamination with self-service. Cutlery and napkins will be placed on the tables ready for use.

Pupils should bring in full water bottles which they will be able to use and refill.

Morning break will be a wrapped snack and a carton of juice delivered to classrooms.

Afternoon tea will be on a sign-up basis as per the extended day guidance.

When not in the dining room pupils will be able to use their classroom and their allocated outside space which will be supervised by staff from the tutor team. In addition, the other outside spaces (tennis courts, woods, zip wire) will be allocated to bubbles on a rota basis. We also expect to run music, drama, and PE activities where relevant guidelines allow.

Will other visitors be allowed on to the site?

All visits to the site, other than transporting pupils, should be pre-arranged. All visitors will be asked to respect our social distancing rules and to confirm that they are in good health and have not knowingly been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 symptoms. This remains subject to government guidance, but visits will be limited.  

What should pupils wear to school?

Full school uniform should be worn. If pupils are due to have a Games lesson on a particular day, they will be required to come to School in PE kit. If they are staying for sports in the extended day but do not have a games lesson on that day, pupils should change into sports kit at 4pm.

No clothes or sports kit should be shared. Pupils must bring their own face covering to School and wear these during the school day when travelling between venues indoors or when in communal spaces such as the corridor or queue for the dining room.

Where possible windows and doors will be kept open for ventilation, pupils should please wear blazers and jumpers to School so that these are to hand if needed.

Will the uniform shop be opened?

The uniform shop will be opened as usual on a Tuesday and Thursday, but will now run by appointment only. Please see the website for the usual booking process. 

How is boarding being managed?

Separate guidance is being sent to our boarding families. In the short term, we will unfortunately not be able to facilitate flexi borders.  

Will there be any changes to the curriculum?

We plan to run a normal curriculum with all subjects being taught. Pupils will be kept within their year group bubbles; group work however will need to be limited in some areas. Classrooms will be rearranged to reflect Government guidance. In specialist subject such as PE some changes may be required, but we aim to offer a holistic programme to pupils.

Assemblies will be run remotely, with pupils accessing these in their form rooms. Each week a different ‘bubble’ will attend assembly in person.

What if schools are required to close again?

We will continue our provision as per the Summer term. Pupils will be taught via Luckley online and a comprehensive virtual programme will be in place. 

How will Luckley House support pupils unable to return to School?

Government guidance is clear that all pupils should return to school unless there are exceptional circumstances. In these cases, individual arrangements for online teaching will be made.  

What will the sporting provision be?

The curriculum will need to be adapted to follow guidance from government and national sporting bodies. Whatever the activity, the School will follow the health and safety guidelines. A bespoke programme offering both lunchtime and extended day activities will be on offer. Our plans are being reviewed regularly. All activities will maintain within year group bubble.

Will Music, Drama and Dance be able to continue?

We will continue to provide lessons with specialist Risk Assessments in place. Lessons will take place within the curriculum as normal although the activities within these lessons may have to be adapted to conform with safety guidelines. The extra-curricular activities will also continue but pupils will have to remain within their bubbles for these activities meaning that pupils access to these events may be temporarily curtailed.

Will the usual programme of trips be offered?

All activities and trips will be risk-assessed and reviewed well in advance. Only educationally relevant and necessary trips will be undertaken in the Autumn Term, but this will be reviewed at October half term. At present no overnight stays are permitted.

How will extended day activities be managed?

Pupils will be asked to sign up to activities on a weekly basis. Sign up will be available on Wednesday and will close on Friday at 12 noon ready to begin the following week. This will be done via a form on the Parent Hub and waiting lists will be created for activities that are oversubscribed. Pupils will no longer be able to sign up on the day for an activity.

At the end of the school day pupils staying for an activity will pack their bags at the end of period 5 (6 on a Wednesday) and then move onto their designated activity area. The member of staff taking the session will provide pupils with a pre-prepared snack collected from the dining room. Extended Day will run from 4.20 – 5.30pm. Pupils should use the designated toilet for their bubble before moving into extended day.

If a pupil needs to unsubscribe from an activity on the day or join extended day at the last-minute, please contact the school office. We will aim to be as flexible as possible. The bus list will be managed separately to the extended day please see the Transport section.

In the first week of term, we will run limited extended day provision. Please use the extended day booking form available on the website.

What pastoral support will be in place?

As ever, pastoral support is of the utmost importance to life at Luckley. Pupils will continue to have access to support, advice and care as usual. Their Form Tutor, Head of Year and Mrs GB remain available to guide our pupils. Pupils will also be reminded that they can ask for help from any member of staff or senior pupil. We will continue to follow guidance from the Berkshire West Safeguarding Children’s Partnership. Our School counsellor will also be available. Appointments should be made via Mrs Gilding-Brant. as there is no walk-in facility.  

How is the Health Centre planning for next term?

The Health Centre will be equipped with appropriate thermometers and have taken advice on the wearing of gloves and face masks. Operations in the Health Centre will reflect Government guidance and take account of internal School risk assessments too. 

What will happen if there is a case of Covid-19 in the School?

If a member of our community shows possible Covid-19 symptoms, they would be isolated within the Health Centre and the Nurse will manage this protocol in line with current guidance. Parents/guardians will be asked to collect pupils and staff would be sent home.  

If testing were required, this would be arranged by the NHS. Should the test result be positive, the School would follow the advice of Public Health England (PHE).

Will any special arrangements be made for the use of bathroom facilities?

There are designated bathroom facilities arranged by ‘bubble’ and pupils will be shown these by their form tutor on arrival.  

How will the School continue to communicate with parents?

Information regarding our reopening plans and any ongoing changes to school provision will be available on the Parent Hub.

Further Parentmails will be sent to alert to any significant changes to the information on the web page.