A team of pupils at Luckley House School have been teaching both fellow pupils and staff about the school’s latest technology. The team consists of selected ICT & Computer Science students who are actively engaged and enthusiastic about technology. The 18 pupils were selected from year 8 – 13 and were given their new Microsoft Surface tablets in the summer term prior to whole school delivery this September.

Their role was to trouble-shoot any teething problems and aid the logistics of the whole-school launch of this exciting new IT strategy. The team had prepared over the summer holidays by following tutorials on the Microsoft website learning about Windows 10, Office 365, One note class books and One Drive.

The pupils have given up one lunchtime a week to run a drop-in class, where both staff and pupils can come along for help and advice.This has proved really successful with over 45 visits in the first three weeks of launch. The pupils have found it empowering to lead such a group and it has been lovely to see pupils enthusiastically helping staff in a reversal of the traditional pupil teacher relationship. They plan to continue running after half term with drop in sessions for both pupils and staff on a variety of IT tutorials and topics.

Ross, Year 13 students says:
“I was very nervous to use the Surface tablet to begin with, but having the summer holidays gave me time to learn to use it and I am now really excited about how it is going to be used within lessons and with my studies at home.”

Isobel, Year 9 says:
“I am very proud to have been selected as a Digital Ambassador and it is nice to know that I can help other people.”

Head of ICT and Computer Science, Mrs Bennett said “I am very excited about their enthusiasm and the work they have achieved, they continue to be a truly inspiring group to work with.”