General Principles and Practice

A school day is a school day, and needs to be treated as such. In difficult times routines and structure are invaluable for helping all of us to be grounded and cope. In this prolonged period of physical separation from others it will become increasingly important to place boundaries between different parts of our lives. While timings and environments are different in every household, this list will give you a framework for separating school from home. Doing as many of these as possible will help to safeguard all our school community from some of the stresses and strains of the period we have found ourselves in:

1. Find and establish a place to do schoolwork. If possible, away from a bedroom. It is helpful to have a power point nearby for charging devices. It should be well-ventilated and well-lit.

2. Have a start and end time to the school day.

3. You should dress for the school day and changing out of “school clothes” can give a physical reminder that family, leisure, down time has started.

4. Try as much as is possible to follow the normal school timetable. There is flexibility, but pupils are used to following this sort of structure.

5. Take breaks throughout the day. Online learning and working is very intensive. Don’t be tempted to sit for longer because an activity is not completed (unless we are talking about only a few minutes, and not the extent of the timetabled break).

6. Follow the suggestions for physical activity and other activities as they appear in your timetable. Keep an eye on this as more will appear as time goes on.

7. Eat well, and don’t skip your normal snacks and meals, and remember to stay hydrated.

8. Behave well online. The school rules still apply in terms of all behaviour, but behaviour online is always important, and never more than now.


Top Tips For Children Guidance for remote learning by National Online Safety
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