This guidance document is supported by the Child Protection amd Safeguarding policy in place at Luckley House School. Specific additions to note: The usage of video teaching is governed by the ICT/Acceptable Use policy for all members of our community.

  • Parental involvement during video sessions: by bringing staff instruction into the home, the lessons can feel different. The same rules of communication apply as if this were a regularly taught lesson, meaning that the interaction in these lessons are between the teacher and pupils alone.
  • Size of groups for home learning: One-to-one video sessions with students are to be avoided if possible. However, this is not possible in a number of circumstances, and in these the student video should be disabled when possible and every session must be recorded by the teacher.
  • Staff registering for any software/platforms, must do so with their school email address.

Ground rules to be read out to students at the beginning of every session

  • Please respect this learning space so that everyone can learn in a safe environment.
  • You must not enable video. If you try to use video your teacher will shut it down and report it. Clear sanctions will be put in place for anyone who abuses that, however briefly. If you abuse any of the privileges associated with live lessons, clear sanctions will be put in place.
  • Your teacher will record the live session including any input from students so we have a record of it in school.
  • The usual rules about social media apply to online lessons just as they do in the classroom.
  • Sanctions will include being removed from live learning so that you will not benefit from the live learning available. Your work will be sent to you separately. Other sanctions may be applied once we are back in school.