School Medical Centre

We have a well-equipped  Medical Centre run by a fully qualified Nurse, which is open between the hours of 8.15am and 12.15pm.

Appointments are organised for boarders through the surgery for the doctors, dentist, orthodontist, opticians and vaccinations.

Medical insurance schemes are available on request.

All medication for boarders must be given to the medical staff, including any vitamin tablets or supplements.

Medication for day students should be handed in to the School Office, labelled with name and full instructions. Students will be expected to report to the Office for their medication at the appropriate times.

Any day pupils who become unwell after the School Nurse has left, should report to the School Office and will be sent home if unable to continue lessons.

All staff have a First Aid qualification and access to a fully stocked First Aid kit, and a number have an advanced qualification (First Aid at Work).