Art ACE Pupil Programme

Art and Design is a creative and inspirational subject that gives you the opportunity to develop your own voice and visual language. Through the development of skills in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking and digital art, your identity, views and feelings can be represented, explored and expressed in an almost endless variety of different ways. Art and Design is truly cross curricular, allowing you to not only develop skills in the visual arts but also enrich your knowledge of any given subject matter, in turn this can help support the learning taking place in your other subject areas.

If Art and Design is a subject that interests you and you would like to study it at a higher level these areas will give you a starting point to: read, write, explore, listen and visit. Art universities and art schools want to see a genuine love, passion and drive for their subject and so by extending and learning more than what is offered inside the classroom will put you at an instant advantage.

If you would like to have a discussion about anything you discover from this list please find Mr Battrick. Remember that art is subjective so your opinion matters and counts. The following list will open up new worlds for you and will project you into the world of Art and Design taking you and your studies to new levels and setting you apart from the artists who stands next to you.

• Shock of the New – Robert Hughes
• 20 British Artists You Should Know – Lucinda Hawksley 20 Modern Artists You Should

• 20 Sculptures You Should Know
• 20 Contemporary Artists You Should Know
• isms… Understanding Art – Stephen Little
• Modern Art – Michael Kerrigan
• This is Modern Art – Matthew Collins

• Write to artists and interview them about their artistic practice.
• Write subjective responses to artworks and link these to your own art making.
• Learn a new skill and teach it to someone else

Explore & Do
Spend your time outside appreciating galleries and art events in your local area and London. You’ll discover historical statues, contemporary sculpture, murals, installations and more.
• The Stanley Spencer Gallery, Cookham – Go to the gallery and look at the paintings and research in the Study center then make drawings from where Spencer lived and worked.
• Street Art – The streets of London have been a canvas for Guerilla artist Banksy’s work for more than 10 years. Cropping up unexpectedly on walls around the city, he stencils pictures of people and animals engaged in unexpected behavior. Some of the art makes a hard-hitting political point and are extremely funny. Make your own personal map of Banksy stencils:
• Pitt Rivers & Natural History Museum & The Ashmolean, Oxford – Visit these stimulating places. Choose a period in world history and research the ceramics, clothing, paintings of this period through drawing and painting and photography.
• London markets and Landmarks – John Virtue and Jeanette Barnes draw and paint London landmarks. Explore their work and produce a piece of work inspired by London.
• Visit an art gallery – choose 4 pieces you like, and research them. Who, when, what, why? Make 4, 10-minute drawings of the chosen pieces.
• Who is your favourite artist? Make an artwork using the same materials and in their style.
• Enter lots of competitions – RA Alevel online, Saatchi Art/Sculpture Prize, online digital art prize.

Listen & Watch
• BBC Arts and Culture Radio – Interviews with artists and explorations of art history.
• Radio 6
• BBC Iplayer TV and Radio – Arts programs
• Tate podcasts –
• Tune in Radio – Listen to a guide on what’s happening in popular culture and the arts:
• The Infinite Monkey Cage – Radio Four
• Exit through the gift shop – Banksy

Click-on & Visit
• The Tate Modern –
• The Tate Britain –
• National Gallery –
• National Portrait Gallery –
• The White Cube Gallery –
• Courtauld House –
• The Saatchi Gallery –
• The Barbican Centre –
• Hayward Galleries –
• Royal Academy of the Arts –
• Serpentine Gallery –
• Somerset House –
• Whitechapel Gallery –
• Architectural Association –
• This is Colossal –
• Fashion –

• Make contact with and then interview a practicing artist. Document the interview.
• Enroll on an art school or university holiday art course.

• Keep a diary through photos, writing and drawing and anything else you love!
• Create a personal sketchbook.
• Artworks that respond to the world around you.