Design Technology: Textiles


A pupil with a keen interest in the fashion industry or interior design will enjoy studying GCSE Textiles Technology. Designing a product and seeing it as a 3D outcome is exciting. You will gain inspiration for new product design by looking at designers and their influences. You will be able to analyse the demands of a target market and design and produce products which match a particular need. An enquiring and an open mind, an independent spirit and a willingness to take on new ideas are essential in order to study this subject. The world of fashion design is one that has many career opportunities and this course gives you the basic skills to take forward into further education.

Course Content
Pupils are given the opportunity to design and develop products produced using a wide range of textiles. They will develop skills of creativity and critical analysis to design and make high quality textiles products.

The focus of the course will be on fibres, fabrics, fashions and how other textiles products have evolved. The impact of future developments and sustainability issues on the world in which we live will also be considered.

Practical skills will concentrate on surface decoration techniques, method of applying colour to textiles, fibre and fabric construction and manufacturing techniques involved in making textiles products and accessories.

The GCSE is made up of three mandatory units.
Pupils are required to complete two controlled assessment units. These are based on their chosen themes and will form 60% of the overall assessment. One further unit is assessed by an external examination and forms 40% of the overall assessment.