Design & Technology

Design & Technology


This is a tailor-made course for Luckley. Pupils are introduced to some basic concepts of engineering and design in a practical hands-on approach. Lessons involve making functional models based on pupils’ own designs. The underlying scientific and mathematical principles are discussed in appropriate depth.

Topics covered in Year 7 are structures, new materials, levers, balancing and water engineering. In Year 8 there are a series of engineering challenges, robotics and some projects involving light – we  use The Whitty Theatre to try some professional-standard theatre lighting design.

Design and Technology GCSE

This is a brand new GCSE. A pupil with a keen interest in Textiles or Engineering will enjoy studying GCSE Design Technology. Designing a product and seeing it as a 3D outcome is exciting. You will gain inspiration for new product design by looking at designers and their influences. You will be able to analyse the demands of a target market and design and make products which match a particular need. An enquiring and open mind, an independent spirit and a willingness to take on new ideas are essential in order to study this subject. The world of Design is one that has many career opportunities and this course gives you the basic skills to take forward into further education.

Design and Technology enables pupils to work creatively when designing and making, learning how to apply technical and practical expertise. Pupils will develop a working knowledge of a wide range of materials and components appropriate to modelling, prototyping and manufacturing. You will learn about design and market influences, economic factors, processes and manufacture, environmental issues and the use of ICT in relation to the manufacturing of material products. You will be able to recognise the contribution you can make to the environment through careful consideration and selection of sustainable resources.

Technical Principles: All students will develop a breadth and depth of knowledge in five core areas which cover both Textiles and Engineering. These areas are: Design and Technology in our world, smart materials, electronic systems & programmable components, mechanical components & devices and materials. You will be able to choose and gain an in-depth knowledge in one of these three areas: Fibres & Textiles, Natural & Manufactured Timber, or Papers & Board. You will study your chosen area to ensure that you have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a specific material to support your design and make task.

Design & making principles: All students will complete a ‘design and make’ task in relation to their chosen area of specialism; Fibres & Textiles, Natural & Manufactured Timber, or Papers & Boards. In doing so, you will apply a broad knowledge and understanding of Design and Technology principles within ‘design and make’ activities in order to produce a product. This will include: selecting and working with materials and components, marking out, using tools and equipment, using specialist techniques, using surface treatments and finishes.

Having studied the entire range of DT topics in Year 10, students will then choose to specialise in either Textiles or one of the Engineering components for Year 11.