What outstanding performances from our very own Luckley cast, crew and musicians. We watched with pride as students from all year groups came together to provide an evening of fantasy and fabulous entertainment in this adaptation by John Kane for the Royal Shakespeare Company of a classic favourite, The Wizard of Oz.

As we travelled the yellow brick road with Dorothy, Toto and friends you may have thought you were sitting in one of London’s West End theatres. There was singing, dancing, acting and awe-inspiring lead performances delivered with strength, discipline and precision. The couple sitting on my right could not help but marvel at the sheer talent and professionalism of our students and crew. Our audiences were captivated by this intricate production with pyrotechnics, stunning sets and costumes plus a full live orchestra. If we were not jigging in our seats we were jumping out of them. Scene changes were executed seamlessly and this theatrical production did not disappoint for a minute.

It was a tremendous effort by all involved with one matinée and four evening performances delivered exquisitely over the space of one week. To our cast, our crew and especially to our Director, Esther Brown, Musical Director, Janice Ellwood, Choreographer, Rachel Kempton and Technical Director, Oliver Bamber, we thank you for your faith in our students’ abilities and for reigniting a sense of youth within us all. Also, a big thank you to all our Luckley parents, grandparents, friends, staff and alumni who provided the perfect audience to encourage and excite our performers. It made all the difference.

Sarah Francis, Development Manager