On Tuesday 6 June, 132 pupils from 33 different schools joined together for an afternoon of mathematical challenges at Luckley. The event was run by DCBeagle, who organises maths challenges and other events in schools all over the country and abroad.

The challenge for the young mathematicians was to solve puzzles at six stations. Working in pairs the pupils worked through five problems during an eight minute period at each station.

The five categories were:

‘Pentominoes’, ‘Ordering playing cards’, ‘Broken calculators’, ‘Make 24’ and ‘Cycling Curley’.

This was followed by a final round in which all participants took part in a multiple choice quiz.

The hall was a hive of activity for the duration of the event and the children all appeared to thoroughly enjoy the challenges.

Well done to Eagle House Prep School, the overall winners and runners up, Nine Mile Ride Primary School and Davenies School.

Photos from the day are available on our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/luckleyhouseschool