So what do you do when your end of exam day out for all Year 7 and 8 pupils  is cancelled due to the COVID-19 lock down?
Answer – You arrange a virtual day out and invite both year groups to join you for an ‘Animal Themed Day’

Over the space of seven hours we managed to visit London Zoo for a ‘Giraffe High Tea party’ and ‘Quirk’s Animal Road Show’ for a live trip through the tropical rainforest,  plus special visits to a flock of rare breed sheep, an equestrian stables and a veterinary practice, the latter three all courtesy of some of our amazing alumni who work in these fields.

In the midst of all of this excitement, our pupils managed to make animal cupcakes, animal silhouette collages and insect hotels,  enter quizzes,  an animal blog and creative writing competitions as well as popping out into the real world to take some wildlife pictures for a national photography event.

The grand finale was a trip to the London Palladium to watch ‘The Wind in the Willows’ and although the visit was virtual I’m told that the popcorn and chocolate was real!
A huge thanks to Mr Bamber, Mrs Hawkins and all of the staff who helped to make this event as real as we could, to our alumni, to the National Theatre, to London Zoo and to the star of the show Luke and Kayleigh Quirk’s Animal Roadshow. If they were this good in a virtual show, imagine how good they would be live and if ever you are in need of a children’s party with a difference they come highly recommended!


Quirk’s Animal Roadshow

Jonathan, Grace and Emma’s Animal Cupcakes