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Learning Support feature

Learning Support

Learning Support at Luckley

The Learning Support Department aims to maximise opportunities and success for pupils who have learning differences via specialist support. In addition, we offer highly bespoke Study Skills courses for both GCSE and A Level pupils, designed to promote independent study, motivation, and self-organisation.

As a department, we embrace the use of assistive technology, and for those pupils who meet the examination boards’ criteria, we can facilitate a range of Access Arrangements. Whole school literacy screening with the Lucid Exact online screening tool, together with in-house assessment carried out by specialist assessors, ensures that we have a full and detailed picture of any pupil’s individual needs, as they progress through Luckley House. 

The overall aim of The Learning Support Department is to encourage self-belief, promote independent learning and celebrate neurodivergent thinking. With the right support, skills, and strategies we are confident that our learners will be empowered to succeed not just at school or university, but in the workplace and adult life.  

Costs for Learning Support Services

Dyslexia Assessment 

This is designed to establish if a full diagnostic assessment is required, or to determine if examination arrangements are appropriate for the individual. Typically, this screening assessment will include detailed interpretation of test results, such as : 

  • General Ability 
  • Attainments, e.g. reading, spelling, writing 
  • Cognitive processing skills, e.g. memory, phonological awareness, speed of phonological processing 

Screening and Feedback£70* 

*on some occasions we may suggest a further assessment by an Educational Psychologist. 

Specialist Individual Support

For pupils with recognised learning differences: £40 per session 

Specialist Study Skills Support

Typically offered in a course of six sessions: £40 per session