Evenings and Weekends

The rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities at Luckley House will enable your child to explore different interests and discover new talents. All boarders are encouraged to take part and the variety on offer ensures that there is something for everyone. After-school activities include; sports fixtures and clubs, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Combined Cadet Forces, martial arts, music and drama, art and crafts, textiles, fun cooking, science and board games, to name just a few.

The Heads of Boarding plan a varied and interesting activity programme for weekends while also recognising the importance for some time for your child to relax and socialise with friends. The terms weekend activities are planned before the start of term and are organised  in consultation with the boarders so to take account of everyone’s interests. For example this half term we have planned; a bowling trip, watersports, film night at the school’s theatre, theme park visit, arts and crafts, games night etc. Alongside this there will also be the opportunity to attend the local park run each weekend and trips to the local town. We also support those that would like to attend their local place of worship. Boarders sign up for paid activities they would like to attend (with the agreement of their parent) and we encourage all boarders to join in as much as possible.

Should your children have a particular interest (such as football etc.) then we would happily work with you to support in making arrangements for them to attend a local club. Boarders, with the consent of their parents, also like to visit and stay over with friends they have made in school. There are two EXEAT weekends a term and this is a time when boarders go to visit family, friends or stay with their guardian.