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Careers education will largely be provided within the Life Skills programme across the year.  Specific lessons for each year are detailed below.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
Introduction to the careers platform. Success: the subjectivity of success and what this means to each student. Activities and competencies:  How these make us good employees. Personality profile and working towards our strengths. Post 16 choices.  Introduction to apprenticeships.  A Level choices.  University – the big debate. Post 18 choices.  Year plan and goal setting. Applications.  Assessment centres.
Skills:  Students to identify their soft and transferable skills. Careers Terminology – preparing for interactions with employers. Great leaders:  What makes a good leader and what can we learn? Researching placements. Interview preparation.  Numeracy and budgeting. Work experience and reflecting on your interests. Finalising Personal Statements.
Personal interests and how these link to career opportunities. Interview preparation. Talking about Yourself:  skills, interactions and competencies. How to contact employers. Coping with changes. Year plan and becoming a scholar. Basics of interviews.
Recording career activities and interactions. Activities & Competencies bingo. Subjects and where these may lead us. Curriculum Vitae and cover letters. Rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Apprenticeships – best fit.
Dream job – career treasure hunt in response to careers curriculum for Year 7. GCSE choices:  Appropriate subjects and careers. Identifying interest that make us unique. What makes a great team player? University application process.
Interview preparation.


Your skills, your team, your future – a group activity to build competencies and teamwork.  Escape room – using your skills and competencies. Work experience – researching possible placements.
Wellbeing: being kind to yourself. Discovering MOOCS.
Acing your personal statements.  Personal statement puzzle.

Additional timetabled events

Optional Trip for Years 10-13 –   Skills London ExCel 26 November 2022

National Careers Week – 6-11 March 2023.  Lunchtime bookable events with a range of guest speakers currently being planned.

Year 7 Careers Day – date TBA

Year 8 – Take Your Child to Work Day –  date TBA


Please note this page is currently under construction – more to follow……