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Alvin and Oliver

Exam Results

Excellent Results

Many congratulations to the GCSE and A Level classes of 2023! We are incredibly proud of their excellent results, be these in the classroom, on the stage, on the pitch, or in the studio.

GCSE (2023)

Year 11 pupils have shown resilience in the face of adversity, kindness to others, joy and good humour and brought a ray of sunshine to our days at school. Not only have Year 11 achieved academically but they have grown as people and are well placed to move on into the Sixth Form.  Approximately 45% of grades awarded were 7-9, matching the performance of 2022, which is a wonderful achievement. Approximately one third of our new Sixth Form cohort have reached the accolade of seven Grades 7-9 and above, a fabulous achievement.


9-8 9-7 9-6 9-5 9-4
24% 44% 62% 82% 93%

A LEVEL (2023)

100% of applicants achieved confirmed places on exciting university courses with circa 90% of students having secured places at their first choice university. Students are also moving on into the world of film, sports, the creative arts and apprenticeships alongside academia.


A*-A A*-B A*-C A*-D
27% 54% 76% 96%