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Modern Foreign Languages

Head of MFL: Mrs H Molloy, BA (Hons) Southampton and MEd Exeter


MFL Teacher: Mrs H Hinz, BA (Hons), MA Hull PSHE Co-ordinator
MFL Teacher: Miss K Intxaurbe, BSc (Hons) Spain
MFL Teacher: Mrs L Simmonds, BA (Joint Hons) Exeter

Visiting Staff:

Mrs  Liang (Chinese)
Ms A Ramos (Spanish Conversation)
Mrs C Paisley (German Conversation)
Mrs A Langlois, (French Conversation)
Mrs S Rose (Russian Tutor)

Knowing a foreign language opens doors and broadens the mind. When travelling, you will be able to find out more about the local people and their culture. You will have increased options for study abroad. A foreign language can put you at an advantage in a competitive job market – business is global!




GCSE Modern Foreign Languages

We encourage all pupils to follow a Modern Foreign Language course in French, German or Spanish.
Language study brings many benefits, such as building practical skills, developing intellect, and teaching students how to learn. Language study broadens experiences and encourages critical reflection, improving knowledge of students’ own language, whilst exposing them to modes of thought outside of their native language. It also teaches and encourages respect for others and ultimately makes students a better candidate for work and promotion.

A Level Modern Foreign Languages

Students will build on the skills learnt at GCSE and go on to gain a profound understanding of their chosen language, as well as a greater cultural awareness of the countries and communities where they are spoken.  Communication skills will improve, as well as the ability to appreciate the ideas of other people. Equally importantly, students will reflect on current social, cultural and political issues. A foreign language complements any other A Level subject and provides a sound base for further study