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Boarding Principles and Practice

Our Boarding Missions is to provide a warm, supportive and encouraging environment in which friendship and social skills can be nurtured with provision made for private academic study and leisure pursuits.

Archie playing the piano

Boarding Aims

  • To recognise and foster individual academic talent.
  • To develop the whole personality.
  • To provide an education that nurtures cultural, physical and ethical dimension.
  • To nurture spiritual and moral values, and to give every pupil the opportunity of exploring the possibilities of a personal faith in God.
  • To promote good citizenship.
  • To encourage concern for others and unselfish attitudes.
  • To encourage self-confidence and adaptability.
  • To prepare for higher education and the world of work.
  • To promote a European and International dimension.
  • To provide high quality education at reasonable cost.
students at the winter light trail

Boarding Ethos

For boarding pupils at Luckley House School, our further aim is to reflect the stability of a caring home and to provide the wealth of activities made possible in a large community; there should be opportunity for establishing good patterns of work together with learning the arts of living in a community particularly one with cultural and ethnic diversity.

While all teachers are in loco parentis, boarding staff are also, to an enhanced degree. It is a particularly demanding and yet rewarding form of education involving an especially close relationship between staff and pupils based on mutual trust and shared experiences. It follows that boarding staff must display especially high standards of professionalism, discretion, pastoral care and confidentiality. A sense of humour and proportion is essential when dealing with teenagers!

Day and boarding staff alike form a united team. Boarders are with day pupils from 08:40 to 16:00 – but the school is their home as well as place of work. Facilities are provided for recreation, cultural and spiritual growth, peace and individual development as well as experience of corporate life.

The school is inspected by the ISI on a regular basis to ensure standards of welfare and care of pupils meet the recognised criteria.