The Whitty Theatre

The Whitty Theatre gives pupils at Luckley House School a chance to perform and learn in a stunning professional theatre environment, and also provides a fabulous range of entertainment for the local community and beyond.

The Sound Of Music, Luckley House School

Sama, Drishti Dance Foundation

Wicked, Platform YP

The Matchgirls, Luckley House School

Theatre Testimonials

“The Whitty theatre is not only a beautiful venue, but also extremely welcoming and supportive. We have yet to have better sound and light at any other venue. The Whitty is definitely the favourite venue of our staff, students and parents.”



Platform Young Professionals

Theatre Testimonials

“Many, many thanks for making us feel so welcome and for the fantastic job you did with the lighting. I realised that the reason people kept saying that I seemed so relaxed was because I didn’t have those last minute worries that plagued us at our last venue”



Madelaine Kelly School of Dance

Contact The Theatre

For all enquiries, please email Mr Oliver Bamber, the Theatre Manager on or telephone on 0118 974 3247.