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The Benefits of Boarding

We provide a warm, supportive home for our boarders, in which friendships and social skills can be nurtured. Our small but diverse boarding community offer is very flexible to meet the individual needs of the modern family. We provide a home for both full and weekly boarders from the UK and overseas. During their time in boarding, pupils develop meaningful relationships with peers and boarding staff. Our holistic approach to education allows them to grow in confidence within a supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone.

Students holding onto tree trunks

Our flexi-boarding provision enables a number of our day students to regularly stay overnight. This is of great benefit for our families, particularly when parents have work or social commitments, or students themselves have an evening event at the school. Flexi-boarding can also be beneficial for pupils during exam periods, enabling them to spend valuable time revising, with the added reassurance that they will be in school ready for their exam the next morning, with no worry about being late!