Will I need a guardian?

All overseas boarders are expected to have a guardian based in the UK. Guardians are responsible for caring for boarders during holidays, if the pupil is not returning home. We offer a tailored approach to boarding at Luckley and will discuss your individual requirements on enquiry.

Can I join from abroad for a short period?

Providing there are spaces available, you can join Luckley and board with us for just a year or even a term. We have a number of students who join us from Europe during the summer term, to improve their English and enjoy the English culture.

Please contact the Registrar through the Admissions section for further details.

What if I am not sure about boarding?

You can come for a Taster night to find out whether boarding at Luckley is for you. Please contact the Registrar through the Admissions to arrange.

What is the food like?

The catering team provide the boarders with nutritious, tasty meals every day. You can pre-order your supper from the menu. Any dietary needs are catered for.

Sample Menus

May my friends visit me at School?

Yes, arrangements can be made for friends to visit boarders, with prior consent.

Which countries do overseas pupils come from?

We welcome girls and boys from across the world into Luckley House School, but we strive to keep a balance of nationalities and cultures to encourage integration between all pupils.

We currently have pupils in boarding from the UK, Germany, Spain, China, South Korea, Uganda and Hong Kong.

What happens if I’m ill?

We have a dedicated Health Cente where you can stay if you are unwell. You will be seen by the school nurse.

The school nurse arranges doctor, dentist, orthodontist and optician appointments and also administers vaccinations when appropriate.

Can I bring my own music system, computer and mobile?

Yes, all boarders are able to bring these items to school, however they must be named and insured.

What should I bring with me?

You will be provided with a detailed list of the items you should bring to school. You will have the opportunity to furnish your bedroom with your personal belongings to make it look and feel homely. Every pupil has a pin board area to cover in posters and photographs.

What happens at the weekends?

On Saturdays and Sundays  boarders enjoy brunch between 10.30 and 11.00am, providing the chance for a lie-in.

There are no lessons at the weekend, but a variety of activities take place, which the boarders select with the Head of Boarding  to accommodate everyone’s ideas and interests.

Activities range from visits of cultural interest, leisure pursuits and seaside trips, to the ever popular shopping expeditions!

Where can I spend my free time?

In addition to taking part in after-school activities you can spend your free time with your boarding friends in the common rooms, bedrooms and school grounds.

As the town is within walking distance, you will also be given permission to make trips into Wokingham, in small groups.

Will I be able to speak to my family?

You can speak to your family and friends using your mobile phone or the pay-phone in the boarding house. You can make calls after school, before supper and after prep. Wi-fi is available, so you can also keep in touch via email, SKYPE and social networking.

Who will “care” for me if I am boarding?

Boarders receive a lot of care and support from both their friends, the boarding staff and their tutors. The Boarding staff will be available to help you with prep, general advice or any personal matters.

The Graduate Assistants and Senior Boarder from Year 13 are also good at offering friendship and support when you need someone to talk to.

Where will I live?

You will live in one of our two boarding houses. You will share a modern, comfortable bedroom, where you can personalise your own space with photos, posters and treasures. The younger pupils share small dormitories, and there are twin rooms for the older students.

You will be able to relax with your friends in your own boarders’ common rooms, complete with comfy sofas, kitchen area for making drinks and snacks, and a large screen TV, DVD and computer games.