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Frequently asked questions about boarding at Luckley


  • What shall my child bring?

    You will be provided with a detailed list of the items your child should bring to school. Your child will have the opportunity to furnish their bedroom with your personal belongings to make it look and feel homely. Every pupil has a display area to cover in posters and photographs. 

  • How can my child spend his/her free time?

    After a busy day at school, your child will be free to explore the grounds, relax in the common room, catch up with some extra study or visit the sports facilities. With permission, your child, with some friends, will be able to walk into Wokingham and explore the surrounding areas.  

  • Who can my child go to if he/she has a problem?

    There is a range of people your child can go to, whatever their worry. The House staff are always on hand, and older boarding students often act as informal mentors. During the school day, there is a student-led support group, ‘Mentors’, organised by the Leadership Team. The Christian values of trust and respect lie at the heart of pastoral care in the Boarding Houses and our staff will work with you to ensure your child feels happy and secure from the start of their boarding experience.

    All international students must have a UK-based Guardian in case of an emergency.

  • Can family and friends visit?

    Yes, arrangements can be made for friends and family to visit boarders, with prior consent. 

  • Are there EXEAT weekends?

    There is one optional exeat weekend per half term when boarders can go home to friends, family or guardians. Boarders may however opt to stay in school for a cost of £125 for the weekend.

    There will be a full day of activities on Saturday followed by a meal at a local restaurant.  There will also be an organised activity on Sunday afternoon.

  • Can my child bring in personal devices?

    Yes, all boarders are able to bring these items to school, however they must be named and insured. Only school devices can be used in lessons.