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Empowering with Technology

Digital Learning at Luckley House School

Luckley House School has been an innovator and leader in the use of technology in learning for some time. Luckley was one of the first schools in the UK to deploy a unified device to all staff and pupils, going against the grain and not deploying tablets (iPads) or adopting BYoD (Bring Your own Device).

Instead we have chosen a device that has flexibility, builds on current skills, supports traditional learning, prepares pupils for their future and is coupled with some world leading productivity tools. We have seen immeasurable benefits to this approach.

Our commitment to helping our pupils ‘live their best life’ puts us on a journey to build on what we have already started. Luckley has embarked on a Digital Transformation programme that will help our staff and pupils develop some of the most critical 21st century skills. These skills include;

  • Collaboration
  • Skilled communication
  • Knowledge construction
  • Self-regulation
  • Real-world problem-solving and innovation
  • Use of ICT for learning

The journey begins with some significant changes to the following:

  • School infrastructure
  • Staff devices
  • Pupil devices
  • Training

The Luckley House School Unified Device

Having been a one-to-one device school for over eight years, our experience tells us that a single device for both staff and pupils offers significant benefits for 21st century learning. We are committed to making sure that technology does not hinder learning but support it.

New pupils are required to purchase a device through the School.  We have spent a lot of time investigating various solutions for the purchasing of these devices and our conclusion is, to best support our parents, it is better for us to purchase them with our significant educational discount, so that we can pass this saving on to parents. Payment for the device is included with the first term’s fees and two payment options are available, including spreading the cost over 10 monthly instalments.

We have selected the best possible device,  evaluating price, performance and longevity, and all teachers use the same device. The Surface Pros have the latest version of Windows 10 installed and be fully licenced for the full suite of the Microsoft 365 productivity tools. The licence includes Microsoft Office 365 for the web, with popular web apps like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote (plus full access to the Office desktop apps) so pupils and staff can work together, communicate seamlessly, and create amazing content.

The licence includes:

  • 50 GB mailbox (accessible through Outlook on the web or the Outlook desktop/mobile app).
  • Office desktop apps access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. The documents you create are stored in OneDrive, so you can access them from anywhere.
  • Access to popular Microsoft 365 services like OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Sway, Forms and Stream.

These features enable users to:

  • Install the desktop apps on up to five PCs or Macs per user.
  • Install Office apps on up to five tablets and five phones per user.
  • Work together with real-time co-authoring, autosaving, and easy sharing in your favourite web apps, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Leverage Microsoft Teams, your digital hub that integrates lessons, conversations, content, and apps the school needs to be more collaborative and engaged.
  • Keep organised with OneNote, your digital notebook.
  • Inform and engage with communication sites and team sites throughout your intranet using SharePoint.
  • Create, manage, and share videos securely across the School with enterprise video service.


For further information

All questions relating to the device please email the Director of Information Systems;

All questions relating to the payment of the device please email the Finance Manager;