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Our Ethos

A Christian understanding informs all the School’s policies and includes recognition of our environmental responsibilities

There are three pillars on which the School’s Christian ethos rests:

  • The perspective that life is a gift.
  • The understanding that everyone has the capacity to flourish.
  • An attitude of love and service towards others.

Seeing life as a gift encourages thankfulness, a sense of responsibility, and a spirit of generosity.

The capacity to flourish means that every pupil is capable of doing well in relation to his/her gifts and abilities.

An attitude of love and service speaks of a well-oriented life, one directed to the well-being of others and to influencing society and the world for good.

We adopt a Christian worldview as the basis of our understanding of individual dignity, responsibility, and freedom, and as the root of many of the most important societal values including democracy, liberty, and the rule of law. It also implies a commitment to an inclusive and diverse community.


We believe that all have God-given gifts to be identified and developed.

A wide range of academic and extra-curricular activities encourage students to find their gifts, and our commitment to the pursuit of excellence helps them to develop their talents to reach the highest possible standards.

At Luckley, pupils have the opportunity to develop spiritually, to reflect on the big questions of life and to refine their moral judgement in order to make wise decisions to shape their own futures and that of our world.