Our Ethos

Luckley House strives to be an enriching learning community, promoting and instilling strong moral values, encouraging personal responsibility and developing confident characters with a concern for the needs of others. The life and teaching of Jesus Christ is central to our founding principles, underpinning the whole fabric of school life. We welcome those of all faith backgrounds and none.

We believe that all are made in the image of God and should be respected. This leads directly to high expectations of how pupils will treat one another and an emphasis on service to others and to the wider community.

We believe that all have God-given gifts to be identified and developed. A wide range of academic and extra-curricular activities encourage students to find their gifts, and our commitment to the pursuit of excellence helps them to develop their talents to reach the highest possible standards.

At Luckley, pupils have the opportunity to develop spiritually, to reflect on the big questions of life and to refine their moral judgement in order to make wise decisions to shape their own futures and that of our world.