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Business & Economics

man wearing a shirt and tie

Head of Economics & Business Studies: Mr J Higgins, BA Leicester Polytechnic (now De Montfort Uni)

Business Teacher: Mr D Rose, BA (Hons) UWE




This is a modern and stimulating specification which aims to give students an understanding of a wide range of issues facing UK businesses in the 21st century, and the many factors affecting business success and behaviour. Students will learn to apply business concepts and techniques across a range of types of organisation, gaining an appreciation of the critical roles people play in achieving business success. Students will develop the confidence to calculate and interpret business data, and learn to use a critical approach to building arguments and making informed judgements.

A Level

Business A Level is a dynamic subject. Students will learn about the diverse nature of enterprise and the interdependence of the various parts of the business world, exploring success and failure, local, national and global markets, and the need to respond strategically to changing environments to survive and grow. This course will help students to develop valuable transferable skills and commercial awareness that will prepare them for studying at university or moving into the world of work.




Economics B

“To change the world you need to understand it, to understand it you need to know Economics.”
There could hardly be a more important time to study Economics A Level. ‘Austerity’, ‘furlough’, ‘recession’, and ‘innovation’ have become part of our everyday language, as we see governments around the world struggle to balance their priorities and achieve their objectives. Studying Economics gives us the tools to address these complex issues; students may not have studied it before but that doesn’t matter! Society needs academics and professionals who can devise intelligent solutions in a constantly changing environment; this course will give an insight into business operations and the global economy.