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Design & Technology

Designing a product and seeing it as a 3D outcome is exciting.

Fiona Lennon

Head of Design Technology and Textiles: Mrs F Lennon, BA (Hons) Leeds

Teacher of Textiles: Mrs M Mascarenhas, BA Chelsea College of Art and Design

Design & Technology

At Luckley, we offer Design & Technology and Art Textiles at GCSE and Textiles Design and Product Design at A Level.

If you study any of the courses in Design and Technology you will have the opportunity to analyse the demands of a target market and design and make products which match a particular need. The world of Design has many career opportunities and the GCSE and A Level courses give you the basic skills to take forward into an exciting and fulfilling career.



Design & Technology GCSE and A Level

Textiles A Level

A Level Textiles Design is a versatile course that involves the creation, selection, manipulation and application of a range of materials and processes in order to produce fabrics and products for different purposes. You will work in an exploratory way to create ideas, concepts, materials and techniques for different purposes such as; fashion items, accessories and clothing for film/theatre, technological innovation, Interior design, fine textile art, soft sculpture and wall hangings.

Product Design A Level

Product Design is a creative and proactive course where experimenting, testing and modelling with a wide range of materials, machines, tools and CAD software all form an integral part of successful outcomes. Making products involves working with a range of materials. Only by experiencing working with materials first-hand can you start to understand their properties and the ways in which those materials can be used for a variety of purposes. When designing, you will need to understand what the user or client requires, and then go on to provide them with a functional prototype, which can be tested so you and your user or client can judge how successful it is..

Art Textiles GCSE

The Art and Design: Textile Design GCSE is a practical, creative and reflective qualification. The course is centred on developing knowledge of how to work with fabrics, apply decorative techniques and construct textile based products. Equal in significance is acquiring an understanding of how to gather inspirational material from a variety of relevant sources and translate this through experimentation into a personal and meaningful final piece. Project work could be focussed on a variety of areas including costume, fashion, interiors and decorative textiles.

Work produced for this qualification endeavours to:

  • extend your visual language and enable you to effectively communicate feelings, meanings and ideas;
  • enhance your ability to manipulate and experiment with textile materials in order to give form to your thinking;
  • visualise your way of seeing the world through the investigation of set themes;
  • increase your independent thinking, self-discipline, perseverance and confidence.

Design & Technology GCSE

If you have a keen interest in Engineering, you will enjoy studying GCSE Design Technology. Designing a product and seeing it as a 3D outcome is exciting. Design and Technology enables pupils to work creatively when designing and making, learning how to apply technical and practical expertise. You will develop a working knowledge of a wide range of materials and components appropriate to modelling, prototyping and manufacturing. You will learn about design and market influences, economic factors, processes and manufacture, environmental issues and the use of ICT in relation to the manufacturing of material products. You will be able to recognise the contribution you can make to the environment through careful consideration and selection of sustainable resources.