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Classical Civilisation

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Head of Classics: Mrs S Bouwer, BA Open University


The Classical Civilisation A Level qualification provides students with a broad and rewarding study of the classical world. Students have the opportunity to study elements of the literature, visual/material culture and thoughts of the classical world while acquiring an understanding of their social historical and cultural contexts.

The course is made up of three modules.
Module 1: The World of the Hero is a compulsory component consisting of an in-depth study of one of Homer’s epic poems and Virgil’s Aeneid.
Module 2: Culture and the Arts – Imperial Image.
The idea of a politician ‘spinning’ their public image is one which is very familiar from our contemporary media; and
so this exploration of a Roman politician Augustus Caesar and his successful propaganda campaign is both highly relevant and engaging.
Module 3: Beliefs and Ideas – Greek Religion.
Religion was an essential part of ancient Greek identity. Studying the practicalities of religious ritual, and the role it plays in society, alongside the functions and layout of famous temple complexes, will help develop your understanding of the central role religion played in the life of everyday people.



girl holding an illuminated green book