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boy catching a ball in cricket

Physical Education

Director of  Sport: Mr M Humphrey, BSc (Hons) Portsmouth

Head of Girls’ PE: Mrs K Hobson, BA (Hons) Brighton

PE Teacher: Mrs J Hayden, BA (Hons) Wales
PE Teacher: Miss C Phillips, BSc (Hons) Brunel
PE Teacher: Mrs C Gilding-Brant, BA Brighton
PE Teacher: Mr N Crossley, BSc UWE
Athletic Performance Lead Coach:  Mr N Standing, BSc St Mary’s Twickenham

The aim of good Physical Education is to develop the athletic potential of every young person, enabling elite performances and encouraging success and confidence for all.

We offer a broad and engaging curriculum where all individuals can achieve. We believe that all pupils who leave Luckley should have a good understanding of what it means to be healthy and what it means to lead a healthy active lifestyle.

boy catching a ball in cricket




This course teaches students how to improve their own sporting performance and the performance of others. Students will study the role physical activity has in developing a good overall health and helps to break down some of the barriers to sport.  The course helps develop skills which prepare for the further study of PE or sports science courses as well as other related subject areas such as psychology, sociology and biology. Learners will also develop the transferable skills that are in demand by further education, higher education and employers in all sectors of industry.

A Level PE

This course builds upon experience from Key Stage 4 and GCSE to enhance the student’s knowledge and understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation in Physical Education. The course delves deeper into the physiology behind optimal sports performance, as well as the psychological process surrounding arousal, anxiety and information processing and acquisition of skills. We also look into the history of sport up to the 21st Century and how sport has become more of a commodity. This qualification covers a wide range of topic areas and allows students to play to their strengths and gain dynamic theoretical and practical skills for further education or work.