Revision Tips and Tools

The two key questions parents ask when trying to help their children revise for exams are ‘What and How should my child revise’?

The why is usually quite straight forward. Lower down the school teachers will usually provide a list of topics to revise and once you get into Year 10 and above by downloading the relevant exam specification from the exam body website you have all the information needed.

The how is often more tricky as each child will revise in a different way and some methods work better for some subjects than others.


Students in Years 11-13 take part in Elevate study skills sessions in school in the spring term. The student implementation guides below contain follow-up exercises and activities, as well as tips for putting the skills into practice



Student login details for the Elevate website:

Username: elevate
Password: pacco

Parent resources are also available on the Elevate website


Tips for Helping your Child through the Exam period

In the following collection of video clips teachers share their own favourite tips and tools for revision and although they are usually demonstrating using their own subject material most of these tools can be applied to lots of different topics.
Try each one at least once and then pick the one(s) that work best for you.

Mini Revision Booklets

This idea involves making an 8 page booklet from a single piece of A4 paper and then creating a revision booklet to revise from. The actual act of making the booklet is where the revision starts and eventually, by reading through the booklet a number of times, all you need to do to recall the facts is to remember the contents sheet on the last page.
Origami meets serious revision – Enjoy!
Mr Vallance

Maths Test Preparation

Your Mathematics topic test will be happening the week before ½ term and now is the time to begin your revision. Attached is 2 key pieces of information;

1) What to revise
2) How to revise

‘What’ to revise:

  • Long multiplication and long division
  • Multiplying decimals
  • Dividing decimals
  • Calculator work
  • Fractions of quantities
  • Percentages of quantities

‘How’ to revise:

Have a look at the video I have created showing you how to access the many resources on Doddle. Have a go yourself using the above list of topics.

Success criteria:

One of the clever things about Doddle is that every time you complete a revision resource a message is sent to your subject teacher. So – Your success criteria is ‘that you are congratulated by your subject teacher on accessing and successfully completing a revision resource on Doddle.’

 Draw a Revision Superhero

Mrs Venables has a little tip about taking breaks during revision and then goes on to demonstrate how to draw a revision superhero! A really great revision idea for anyone who enjoys drawing and / or comic books

How Smell can help with Revision

Mr Battrick demonstrates how smell can help you revise – It might sound strange but there is a lot of research to suggest that this really works – Don’t forget that you have to do the revision as well as applying the perfume or aftershave otherwise you’ll just be recalling the fact that you did no work!

Pyramid Revision

Miss Ryan shares a technique trains you not only to remember key words but also ensures that you spell them correctly in an exam too.
Excellent for languages but also for subjects such as science where key words are so important.


Mrs Knight tells you how to use the four things you are allowed into almost every single exam (a pen, a ruler and your two hands) to visualise key revision areas.

A great idea if you are prepared to put the work in to your revision.


Watch this space for further videos!