Food & Nutrition ACE Pupil Programme

Food determines who we are. It defines our culture, the changes in society and our social position in relation to others. It is true: ‘You are what you eat!’ In the old days, there was a short chain of food. An apple fell off a tree and somebody ate it. Nowadays we can use ingredients from all over the world to make something which can be delivered to your nearest store. Food & Nutrition is a creative and practical subject, which takes inspiration changes in technology. You can develop a number of skills such as analysing and investigating which food products are available, how to create new foods and develop your own ideas. You will be able to create foods which satisfy the increasing demand for meals which look stunning, taste delicious and are potentially marketable. People are always going to eat so you could be part of a growth industry.

Below is a summary of some activities which you could do related to the Luckley House School ACE programme for Food Preparation and Nutrition:

I have adapted the programme so everything can be done at home or in the garden:


The British Nutrition Foundation website gives interesting information about food and nutrition:
There is a vast range of books available related to food. I am sure you have many cookery books on your shelves at home. Glance through these if you have a chance.

The following websites are great:

This is for Y9 and above. There is a great PowerPoint presentation along with various worksheets and quizzes.

This is the website for Y7 and Y8. Again, lots of good presentations, worksheets and quizzes.

Come up with your own Cook’s Notebook or food diary. Record your adventures with food. This could include recipes you like and have made. Keep an account of restaurants you visit. Take photographs of your creations or of dishes made by others. You can use cookery as a skill for your DofE award.


Depending on the ingredients you have at home, you could make a variety of different recipes. Please keep a record of what you make. Photograph your work and ask your family to evaluate what you have made.

The BBC good food website is great too:

There are lots of others too:

Cook as much as you can at home. You can follow the recipes from your recipe books or you can get a multitude of recipes from the following websites:

The last link includes healthier meal ideas and has been approved by the NHS.

Many of these sites have apps which you can install and enjoy on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


Get out in your garden (if you have one) or grow certain fruit and vegetables on your balcony. Again there are loads of ideas on the internet.

Help with the preparation of meals at home. Use some of your forgotten kitchen equipment which is at the back of your kitchen drawers and cupboards.

Analyse your diet or work out the nutritional content of anything you make. This link only works via the school’s intranet.

Podcasts via iPlayer Radio:

Cooking with Paula McIntyre BBC Radio Ulster. This is the link to a weekly recipe.

Food programme. Radio 4. This programme investigates every aspect of the food we eat. It is currently on at 12.32 every Sunday Morning and repeated on Monday at 15.30 or it can be downloaded via iPlayer Radio.

Cook the perfect…… Radio 4. Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey are joined by leading chefs and food writers who share their secrets for perfect home-cooked dishes

I don’t need to tell you how popular certain food programmes are! Watch current BBC programmes or browse the archive of BBC recipes from shows gone by including: The Great British Bake Off, A Taste of Britain, MasterChef: The Professionals, Great British Menu, The Box, Saturday Kitchen Best Bites, A Taste of Britain, Best Bakes Ever, Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul and James Martin: Home comforts.

All these websites link to lots of delicious recipes and videos from your favourite Food shows, plus lots of competitions and quizzes to enjoy.