Food & Nutrition ACE Pupil Programme

Food determines who we are. It defines our culture, the changes in society and our social position in relation to others. It is true: ‘You are what you eat!’ In the old days, there was a short chain of food. An apple fell off a tree and somebody ate it. Nowadays we can use ingredients from all over the world to make something which can be delivered to your nearest store. Food & Nutrition is a creative and practical subject, which takes inspiration changes in technology. You can develop a number of skills such as analysing and investigating which food products are available, how to create new foods and develop your own ideas. You will be able to create foods which satisfy the increasing demand for meals which look stunning, taste delicious and are potentially marketable. People are always going to eat so you could be part of a growth industry.

There is a brand new GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition which has just been launched. This will be taught to those opting for the subject in Year 10 from September 2016. The KS3 syllabus in Years 7-9 will help to prepare you for important life skills and prepare you for this GCSE. However, you don’t have to take a qualification to enjoy the subject. By practicing, studying and learning more than what is offered inside the classroom, you can help to form your interest in food related activities. It could lead to a rewarding career such as a Dietician, Food Technologist, Food Scientist, Hospitality Management, Teaching, Food Designer, Catering or Food Marketing.
I hope the collection of activities below will inspire you to have a love of learning about food, build strong practical food preparation skills and a good understanding of nutrition.

Reading about nutrition is interesting and a compulsory part of the Science and Food Technology curriculum. The following text book is used in school during our Food & Nutrition lessons. I provide all my older students with a copy of this book for ‘bedtime reading!’ It explains about all the sources, functions and requirements of these nutrients. There are copies of this book in the library for you to borrow or order it via your local library. Food and Nutrition by Anita Tull ISBN: 9780198327660

The British Nutrition Foundation delivers impartial and evidence based information on food and nutrition. You can sign up to receive their newsletter and nutrition bulletin.
The British Nutrition Foundation has produced an excellent PowerPoint presentation about nutrition via the food a fact of life website. You can learn all about protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
There is a vast range of books available related to food. I am sure you have many cookery books on your shelves at home. Glance through these if you have a chance.

Celebrity and TV chef Cookbooks
There is a huge collection written by celebrity chefs. Please ask me if you would like me to recommend any. I have a very long list! If a particular celebrity inspires you, search for the books they have written. Keep a record of which books you enjoy and which chefs inspire you. There are many recent releases you may want to put some on your Christmas/Birthday list.

Take out a Magazine Subscription
You can ask for some subscriptions to the following magazines. These include, Good Food, Delicious, Gluten Free Cooking, Cake Craft and Decoration, Easy Food, Olive, Vegetarian Living, Healthy Food Guide and Food Travel. You can also pick up magazines from supermarkets and many newspapers have colour supplements which make interesting reading.

Come up with your own Cook’s Notebook. Record your adventures with food. This could include recipes you like and have made. Keep an account of restaurants you visit. Take photographs of your creations or of dishes made by others. You can use cookery as a skill for your DofE award.

Look at the fresh food counters at the supermarkets and the vast array of ingredients and food products on offer. Visit some of the multi cultural supermarkets which are in your nearby towns and cities. Visit traditional bakeries and supermarket in store bakeries. See the wide range of products available and this will provide you with inspiration for your own practical work. Go out for afternoon tea!

Visit the Good Food Show in Birmingham 26-29 November 2015
Go on a ‘food’ tour. There are lots available. The link below is for one which takes you on a tour of the east end of London. This is influenced by the Jewish, Bangladeshi and French cultures. It will give you an insight to the immigrant story.

Enrol on a cookery course. I can give you some suggestions.

Podcasts via iPlayer Radio:

I don’t need to tell you how popular certain food programmes are! Watch current BBC programmes or browse the archive of BBC recipes from shows gone by including: The Great British Bake Off, A Taste of Britain, MasterChef: The Professionals, Great British Menu, The Box, Saturday Kitchen Best Bites, A Taste of Britain, Best Bakes Ever, Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul and James Martin: Home comforts.

All these websites link to lots of delicious recipes and videos from your favourite Food shows, plus lots of competitions and quizzes to enjoy.


  • Talk to chefs and people involved in the food industry.
  • Make contact with supermarkets and ask if there are any vacancies for a Saturday job or holiday work.
  • Make contact with local restaurants to get experience of working in busy kitchens.
  • Contact foreign embassies and ask them to send you information about their food and culture.


Cook as much as you can at home. You can follow the recipes from your recipe books or you can get a multitude of recipes from the following websites:

The last link includes healthier meal ideas and has been approved by the NHS.

Many of these sites have apps which you can install and enjoy on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Visit a working farm and see where our food comes from. ‘Lambing Days’ are held in the spring. Below are links to three working farms in the local area:
Amners Farm is set just outside the village of Burghfield, Reading RG30 3UE

Lockey farm is in Arborfield Berkshire. RG2 9JH. It has been voted ‘The Best Small Farm’ for 5 years running.

Hare Hatch Sheeplands is on Twyford Road, Reading RG10 8DL.

Further afield, you can visit The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, Cheddar, Somerset. BS27 3QA. You can visit them and see the various stages as local milk is transformed into Cheddar Cheese every day of the week throughout the year.
Share your experiences with others. Let me know about other trips which you have been on and I can add these to the list for others to enjoy. Grow your own food and join Mrs Gibson’s Green Fingers Gardening club in the summer term and help us to prepare our entry in the Wokingham Schools Gardening competition.

Come along to our after school activities. Mrs Kermode currently takes the popular fun cooking activity after school every Tuesday and Mrs Gibson and Mrs Cook run ‘Sweet Treats’ after school every Wednesday.

Help with the preparation of meals at home. Use some of your forgotten kitchen equipment which is at the back of your kitchen drawers and cupboards. Invite friends over for a fondue evening. Invite friends over for afternoon tea.

Complete your Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. Each pupil who joined the school in Y7-9 has log in details already. Ask me if you need reminding of this or if you would like to be enrolled on this on line course if you have not been enrolled yet.

Analyse your diet or work out the nutritional content of anything you make. This link only works via the school’s intranet.
\\software\Program Files (x86)\FoodinFocus2\FoodinFocus2.exe
Copy and paste into the address bar in Internet Explorer and click on Run twice when prompted.

Enter the Rotary Club Young Chef Competition and show off your skills and creativity.

Please start preparing your entry for the Wokingham Rotary Young Chef Competition. Details were given out at the launch meeting of the Food Technology ACE meeting. The link to the website giving all the details is below. Please see Mrs Gibson for further details and hand in your entry after half term. The task is to prepare, cook and serve a healthy three course meal for two people within a budget of £15.