Psychology ACE Pupil Programme

Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour. During your two year A-level course you will learn a range of fascinating theories and studies which are monumental in our understanding of human behaviour. You will see some ideas below as to how to expand your knowledge of the topics studied including interviews and podcasts with the original researchers such as Phillip Zimbardo.
However, because Psychology is such a vast topic, the extended programme aims to not only expand your knowledge of the existing topics, but lead you to broaden your subject knowledge. Therefore some of the reading is not related to the topics studied in the A-level course, but is based on different topics which are not only interesting, but highlight different methods used by research psychologists. Others, such as “Opening Skinner’s Box” are a more light-hearted analysis of the research and the context in which it developed.

• “Opening Skinner’s Box. Great Psychological Experiments of the 20th Century” by Lauren Childs available from the school library.
• Psychology Review Magazine available from the school library.
• TED talks including:

o Phillip Zimbardo: The Psychology of Evil
o Martin Seligman: The New Era of Positive Psychology
o Elizabeth Loftus: How reliable is your memory?

Click on:
• The British Psychological Association website and read the free online articles which are examples of more recent research.
• The Social Psychology Network which has a wide range of links and features.
• The Simply Psychology website which as a variety of articles for students.

• BBC radio 4 “Mindchangers”: A series exploring the development of the science of Psychology during the 20th century.
• BBC radio 4 “All in the mind”: A series exploring contemporary Psychological issues.

There are also a range of useful extension tasks for each of the topics we have studied in your digital textbook.