Microsoft Surface 3

Empowering with Technology

All Pupils have their own Personal Notebook Tablet

At Luckley, we strive to provide the best education we can. As such, part of our vision is that every pupil leaving our school must be proficient in widely-used information systems in such a way that their work and other activities are enhanced.

Information and Communication Technology has had a huge impact on all our lives, not least in education. The pace of change is unprecedented and the expectation is that all young people will leave school proficient in the use of this technology.

We introduced a one-to-one scheme in September 2016 and now every pupil in the school has a Microsoft Surface from when they start.  This device facilitates access to files and open up opportunities for collaboration.

In this context, the first thing that we need to accept is that there is no ‘app’ for good teaching. As a staff we are totally committed to continuously improving the quality of teaching and learning at Luckley and we firmly believe that although the Surfaces will not do this on their own – they certainly have the potential to help. The ability to take written notes, collaborate on class projects, and receive and hand in homework electronically enables us to work far more efficiently.

The following Q & As will explain a bit more about how the scheme works:

Who owns the device?

Each new parent will be provided with access to a portal through which they can purchase an approved device.  This will remain the property of the child but will be configured by our IT staff to provide the pupil with access to the school network, antivirus protection and appropriate web filtering and monitoring.

Who is responsible for loss or damage of the device?

When purchasing the device insurance options will be offered.


What if my child forgets to take it into school?

We will keep a limited supply of spare devices which can be issued at short notice.

Will the device need internet access?

Yes, but limited functionality is available offline.

Will there be antivirus software installed?


Will there be content filtering set up on each device?

Each device will have the same level of content filtering as in School.

Will the device be enabled for external memory sticks or peripherals?

Memory sticks will be blocked on the device to prevent the spread of viruses, however USB peripherals will be permitted.

Will the tablets replace workbooks and text books?

The tablets will support us in our move towards paperless work, but will not fully replace books.

Can the device be used for personal use?

Yes, providing it doesn’t affect the operation of the educational purpose of the device.