Senior School Art & Design


Luckley House School is nationally recognised for outstanding contribution to arts and cultural education. Artsmark has been awarded for our commitment to, and excellence in, arts and cultural education.

Art at Luckley is full of incredible highs; it’s exciting, rigorous, diverse and very rewarding! It is challenging too and just when you thought you knew what you were doing and what it’s all about, it stops you in your tracks!

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to explore and develop your personal ideas through support, critique and discussion. All courses are structured to encourage you to take risks and make imaginative leaps through the playful manipulation of an extensive range of materials and techniques to give visual form to your individual thoughts, ideas and observations, enabling you to present your own way of seeing the world.

Through the clear intention of ideas and sensitive manipulation of materials, you will each generate and explore potential lines of enquiry that are a personal response to set themes and produced from media including: oil & acrylic painting, all forms of printmaking, photography, darkroom photography and digital manipulation, film, animation, mixed-media/three-dimensional materials, chalk pastel, charcoal, watercolour and ink.

Every year we visit galleries to reinforce students’ understanding of critical art history and to enable them to gain inspiration from and draw from live paintings, drawings and sculptures.

We are proud to be part of the Local Arts Loan Scheme. Artwork produced by our talented pupils is available for local companies to rent on the Local Arts Loan website.


We have five studios in the department; two general art studios, dedicated sixth-from studio, photographic darkroom and silkscreen room.

All the artwork produced at Luckley House School is consistently diverse, exciting and highly original and we look forward to teaching your child to excel in this rewarding subject.

Art Scholarship

An Art Scholarship is available at Year 7, 9 and 12 entry. Art scholars receive a discount on their school fees.


Textiles is very popular at Luckley. Our recently refurbished facilities give pupils the perfect environment in which to create some truly innovative and unique pieces of work.