The Luckley Sixth Form Experience

Our Aim

‘To facilitate young adults who can adapt to an ever-changing society by providing them with the ability to be confident with self-resilience coupled with excellence in communicative and collaborative skills’

At Luckley we see the Sixth Form as a whole lot more than just gaining academic qualifications. We also fully understand the importance of these and how vital they are when looking to post-18 planning. Our Sixth Form experience is a holistic one, where alongside a rigorous academic programme students are subject to a plethora
of opportunities and activities that will provide you with the essential competencies required for life beyond school.
The all-round, fulfilling experience you will undertake during your time at Luckley Sixth Form will allow you to ultimately achieve personal excellence.


“Luckley transformed me into a confident and independent young adult by pushing me to the best of my ability in every field, whilst also treating me as an individual and recognising the skills I have to offer. I am pursuing a career in Music and I truly feel that I have been given the opportunity to flourish as a performer, through Luckley’s immense support and encouragement.” Lis, Arts Prefect 2018-19