Head of Chemistry: Dr W Ross, PhD Imperial College London


Chemistry Teacher: Mrs S Moscrop, BSc Liverpool

Chemistry is a challenging subject which seeks to explain what goes on in the world around us. Chemistry teaches students to think logically and to solve problems; as a consequence a qualification in Chemistry is highly regarded by employers and higher educational institutions. Chemistry offers many career advantages and represents one of the best opportunities for future employment in such diverse fields as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, plastics, cosmetics and food.

Course Content

Year 12 physical Chemistry begins with atomic structure and chemical bonding. There is also an introduction to mathematical calculations involving formulae, equations and amounts of substance. Later in the year the topics of chemical energetics, chemical kinetics and chemical equilibria are introduced.
Inorganic chemistry is based on the study of Group 2 and Group 7 elements of the Periodic Table. There is also some study of redox reactions.
Organic chemistry covers hydrocarbons, halogenoalkanes and alcohols. There is a an introduction to modern analytical techniques.

The second year of A level chemistry includes a more in depth study of everything covered in the first year. Additional topics are acid-base equilibria (physical) and transition metals (inorganic) . Further study of organic compounds includes carbonyls, carboxylic acids, arenes, amines, amides, amino acids and proteins. The synthesis and analysis of organic compounds is further developed both theoretically and practically.

Chemistry Ace Pupil Programme