Modern Foreign Languages


Head of MFL: Miss H Ryan, BA (Hons) Southampton and MEd Exeter


MFL Teacher: Mrs H Hinz, BA (Hons), MA Hull PSHE Co-ordinator
MFL Teacher: Miss K Intxaurbe, BSc (Hons) Spain
MFL Teacher: Mrs L Simmonds, BA (Joint Hons) Exeter

Visiting Staff: Mrs K Baldwin (Chinese)
Mrs S Huddleston (Spanish Conversation)
Mrs C Paisley (German Conversation)
Mrs L Porter, (French Conversation)
Mrs S Rose (Russian Tutor)



All pupils are expected to follow a Modern Foreign Language course in French, German or Spanish.

Language study brings many benefits, such as building practical skills, developing intellect, and teaching you how to learn. Language study broadens experiences and encourages critical reflection, improving knowledge of your own language, whilst exposing you to modes of thought outside of your native language. It also teaches and encourages respect for others and ultimately makes you a better candidate for work and promotion.

You will study familiar topics such as self, family and friends, school, future plans, employment, the local area, free time and travel and tourism. There will be some new aspects such as more emphasis on the culture of the target language speaking countries and communities.

All GCSEs will be linear and all exams will take place at the end of the two year course. The four skill areas will have equal weighting.

Listening 25%, Speaking 25%, Reading 25%, Writing 25%

Translation from and into the foreign language will be assessed in the reading and writing exams.

A Level

Knowing a foreign language opens doors and broadens the mind. When travelling, you will be able to find out more about the local people and their culture. You will have increased options for study abroad. A foreign language can put you at an advantage in a competitive job market – business is global!
Equally importantly, during the course you will reflect on current social, cultural and political issues. A foreign language complements any other A Level subject.

The course covers topics of interest to those studying a foreign language as they are focussed on the countries and communities where the language is spoken. The topics are centred around social issues and trends, artistic culture and political life. There is an emphasis on the culture of the country and this includes the study of literature and/or film. AS students will study a book or a film and A Level students will study two books or a book and a film. The A Level also includes an independent research topic on a subject of personal interest which will be assessed in the speaking exam. Translation, which is an extremely useful skill in business, will feature at both AS and A Level. Study of these topics will help you to develop your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, so that you can understand and discuss different points of view, some of which may be controversial.
There will be dedicated grammar lessons which will enable you to use the language independently and creatively as well as improve your ability to translate into English and into the language of study. In addition to lessons with your subject teacher, there will be weekly lessons with the Foreign Language Assistant to improve your confidence and fluency when speaking the language.