Head of Photography: Mr R Battrick, BA (Hons) Loughborough, MA Cardiff


Photography Assistant: Miss S Hitchcock



Photography GCSE gives the opportunity for you to explore a wide range of themes, focusing on areas of interest that you choose. The course is ideal if you have ambitions to follow a higher education course at degree level in Photography, Art, Media, Fashion, Event Management or Journalism, to name but a few!

You will work in digital and manual formats, exploring both image manipulation software techniques and darkroom processes, including film processing and developing.
You will create a personal portfolio and sit a timed exam. Written work including analysis and evaluations help support and develop literacy and vocabulary.

A Level

Photography gives you the freedom to record your own view of the world around you in one click.

Photography makes it possible to record in seconds an inimitable image that captures profound and personal responses to the environment. Through taking imaginative risks with this medium you are given a chance to manipulate and create unique images, and this diverse and personal response enables you to create highly individual and thought
provoking photographs.

Course Content
You will be encouraged to work within the disciplines of the darkroom, the studio and digital manipulation using ICT. Work will be generated through set themes and sketchbook research that aims to develop ideas through the manipulation of photographic techniques
and extensive research into photo-based artists. A high command of skills and subject knowledge is developed throughout the course, enabling you to make thought-provoking
and original photographs. Photography is a lens and light based media, and includes work in film, video, digital imaging and light-sensitive materials. No prior knowledge of Art or Photography is necessary.

You will choose a stand-alone one-year AS or a full two-year A2. Exams are taken at the end of the AS or at the end of the two-year A2 course. As part of the A2 coursework, students produce a piece of extended writing of between 1000 – 3000 words that relates to their coursework.

AS & A2 The Controlled Assignment 
Students are given 12 weeks to develop ideas through sketchbook research from a theme set by Edexcel. The Externally set paper for AS is a 10-hour examination and a 15 hour examination for A2.