RS / Philosophy & Ethics


Head of Religious Studies: Mrs O Lee, BA (Hons) University of South Africa


Religious Studies Teacher: Mrs K Matsuya, BA (Hons) Durham
Religious Studies Teacher: Mrs K Jest, BA (Hons) Reading

GCSE – Religious Studies

Religious Studies is now taken as a full GCSE at the end of Year 11. We study EdExcel Spec B, focussing on Christianity and Islam. The skills developed through Religious Studies are relevant to a wide range of future studies and careers.

You will develop an understanding of the teachings and beliefs of Christianity and Islam, and an awareness of responses to various different ethical issues.
You will also learn to express your own opinions and evaluate alternative points of view.

Course Content

The course consists of two papers:
Religion and Ethics through Christianity (looking at Christian beliefs and practices; matters of life and death; and marriage and the family).
• Religion, Peace and Conflict through Islam (looking at Muslim beliefs and practices; peace and conflict; and crime and punishment).

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A Level – Philosophy & Ethics

Philosophy is the ‘new religion’ of this century for many, as it enables you to question and to reach your own conclusions on issues such as ‘Does God exist?’ or in Ethics ‘ What is the right action?’ It enables you to consider philosophical and ethical issues, evaluate
the evidence and substantiate your own views. It also develops skills of research and written argument.

Course Content
Philosophy of Religion
• Philosophical issues and questions; The nature and influence of religious experience; Problems of evil and suffering.
Religion and Ethics
• Significant concepts in issues or debates in religion and ethics
• A study of three ethical theories
• Application of ethical theories to issues of importance.
New Testament Studies
• Social, historical and religious context of the New Testament
• Texts and interpretation of the Person of Jesus
• Interpreting the text and issues of relationship purpose and authorship.
Study of Religion
• A detailed study of one world religion
• Religious beliefs, values and teachings
• Sources of wisdom and authority
• Practices that shape and express religious identity.